Casey Anthony “E! True Hollywood Story by: Kory Penson

Last night I watched the Casey Anthony “E! True Hollywood Story”. And I  must say that it was very interesting to see how the whole case/trial  played out. Before I knew the whole story about the case, I had already  made my decision on how I felt about the situation and that she killed  her daughter. But after watching the whole trial I understand why she  got off and was not convicted of murder. The lack of real evidence that  the state did not thoroughly investigate when presented to the court was  the major reason why Casey won the case. I feel that the state should  have done a better job with proving the why Casey did it, and killed her  daughter. I don’t believe that she is innocent, I do believe that she  killed her daughter; but I do not agree with putting someone in jail  when you can not prove that they committed the crime. That is why she is  walking the streets free today, because the state attorneys didn’t do  their jobs.