OP/ED: Battling The Winter Blues

Maybe the student are scrambling to finish that paper. Or maybe they set aside the whole day to work on papers responsibly. Perhaps there is one piece of information that they need to look up to finish an assignment.

It doesn’t matter if there isn’t a computer available, and some students feel that is the case at the Dobbs Ferry campus.

The use of computers in college education is a major issue for students in today’s generation. There should be more computers in the schools, more availability for students to do their assignments on the computers, and a lot of adult encouragement. Mercy College needs to make more computers available for the students and throw off the ones that are just wasting time on Facebook or reading ESPN.

Turning the computer lab next to the cafeteria into a classroom has been a mistake. Currently, there are only computers in the library, and for every 10 who are using them, ten more students are disappointed, sitting and waiting to get their chance.

The library becomes crowded, with delays and sometimes even inability to complete assignments for students. Computers help the education system of students in many different ways, but it is important to consider the consequences of the rapid increase of students being on time to classes, turning in their assignments on time by being able to fast print or even getting any information required.

Since Mercy College closed the computer lab that was next to the cafeteria last year, students are now often scrambling to print their assignments and sometimes cannot print their assignments. What about a room where students are only permitted on computers for five minutes, where there is essentially just a printing lab?

“Coming to the library is a disaster. I need to come twenty minutes ahead of time in order to wait for a seat, because if come five minutes before a class, I will not have enough time to get on time and print my assignments,” said physical therapy major Sean Deane.

“More computers on the campus should be taken in consideration for students because we pay our college tuition and should have access to a computer at all times.”

The crowding often makes Deane uncomfortable.

“Most of the time while being seated and working, there are students behind your back waiting for the computer to be available, keeping me off track and not focused on my work.”

Graphic design student Calvin Reyes agrees. “Without enough computers on the campus, students are less interactive with technology. There should be a better structure for the school to provide a higher level of technical support, standardization of computer usage, and a more generous computing resource for all students. The result is a better approach to students’ education.”

The computer lab that closed was open to students at all times, and students were encouraged to use the computers when needed. That service was discontinued, and is a step backward. The best solution to the computer shortage is to increase the number of computers by creating access to another computer lab, or limiting access to non-school related websites. – Dorisbeth Pena