The Ending: A Short Story


It is the year 2023 in California, Kacey, a high school senior, is cleaning up her room and just scrolling down channels with her new holographic remote. She was sipping on a glass of wine because the government officially changed the drinking age from twenty-one to eighteen.

Kacey was so happy about the new rule because she felt like she could be an adult at an earlier age. There was a buzzing noise coming from her newest iPhone which was basically a glass screen that was as thin as can be.

Kacey picked up her phone and heard her best friend, Ariana crying on the other end. The blonde tried calming down the brunette on the other end of the phone but couldn’t. “H-he broke up with me, f-for someone else.” She managed to get out as she was choking over her words. Kacey’s heart hurt, she couldn’t imagine what she was going through.

“I’m gonna kill this son of a bi-.” Ariana cut her off, “Please don’t say anything bad about him, I’m not ready to talk like that yet.” The two best friends sighed in unison. “Come over,” Kacey said, “Or I’ll come there.” She said quickly after. Kacey just wanted to comfort her best friend. “Can you come here? I don’t want to leave my bed.” The brunette said in a sad almost depressed tone. 

Next thing Kacey knew, she was picking up clothes off her floor and stuffing them into a sleepover bag. She was going to do anything to make this better for her best friend. Kacey was going to get justice for her because she knew Ari wouldn’t do it herself.

The blonde started pacing around the room trying to remember where she put the bottles of alcohol she bought recently since the government dropped the age limit of drinking, then a lightbulb went off in her head. Kacey got on her knees and looked underneath her bed to see a box of alcohol, “Gotcha!” She said laughing. Kacey grabbed her car keys and the box and ran out the door.

It began to snow, the first snowfall of the season, and of course, it was on the weekend.

“What a waste of snow,” Kacey said as she was getting out of her car.

She looked at the familiar house, it was a small house but it looked so peaceful and quiet on the inside. A familiar face was looking at her through the window in the door, just like always. Kacey smiled and waved at her as she grabbed all of her belongings out of the car. 

Ariana opened up the door and let her into the house. The house always had a particular smell, ever since the two were little, it smelt like cookies almost. Kacey said hello to both of Ariana’s parents than the two made their way up the stairs to the brunette’s room. 

The door opened to a room that was a complete mess there were clothes that were cut all around her bed. “I’m guessing these are his…” Kacey said picking up a ripped in half sweatshirt observing the object. “Yeah, it was his favorite. That’s why I destroyed it the most just like how he destroyed my heart.” Ariana crossed her arms as she sat on her bed looking at the mess. “We have to clean this up and you up. You can never let a worthless guy break you, you are much stronger than that!” Kacey said looking at her. Ariana shook her head and looked down at the ground. “I know, it’s just he was my first love,” Kacey broke out laughing, “Oh shit, sorry,” She said quickly. “But, I hate to break it to you, Ariana. Jack didn’t love you. If he loved you, he would’ve never left you for some other girl.” 

That was the advice the brunette needed to hear. The words stung her, just like a person’s first bee sting, but even worse. It hurt ten times more than anything she has ever heard before. Ariana’s world revolved around her and Jack’s relationship. She pushed out potential friends for him, she was truly obsessed with him and everyone knew it. Ariana truly believed that she looked like the biggest idiot. She told Kacey that she didn’t want to go back to school and that she felt like the biggest loser ever.

“You’re not just any loser though,” Kasey said. “You’re my loser.” Ariana’s sad face broke and a huge smile formed across her face. There was no one like Kasey, the blonde could cheer her up in seconds no matter her mood. “Thank you,” Ariana said, bringing her into a big hug. “I waited for you to burn the pictures in the fireplace. I couldn’t do it alone,” She sighed.

Ariana grabbed a box full of pictures of them from their two-year relationship. “Jesus how many pictures do you have?” Kacey said laughing. “Sorry, not funny,” She gave her a hug and the two best friends went downstairs to the fireplace.

Kacey started building the fire and soon it was up in flames. Ariana opened up the box and looked at the photo on the top, it was from her most recent birthday. She sighed looking at it and saw the card underneath it that he got for her. “To my dearest love,” Kacey read out loud. “Such bullshit,” She repeated quickly after.

“Do you want to do the first one or do you want me to do it?” Kacey said. “I don’t know what do you think?” Ariana said. “I think you should do it, it’ll be like letting go.” Ariana shook her head and looked at it and all the memories rushed back into her head.

Her last birthday, 18 years old. Jack had taken Ariana to a surprise dinner at her favorite hibachi restaurant and it was probably her favorite birthday she’s ever had. Jack picked her up and she was in a flowy dress with some heels. “You ready?” He asked. “Yes, can you tell me where we’re going?” “Nope, that’s a secret,” Jack said and began driving off.

Ariana came back to reality once Kacey called her name. “S-sorry.” She said, shaking her head. Would this be too much for her?

These pictures brought up so many memories and it was almost ripping her apart. The past two years were about to be laid out in front of her and forgotten about for a long time. Kacey picked up a picture out of the box and showed her. It was a picture of the three of them.

Kacey had always hated Jack, she knew he was up to no good especially towards the end of Ariana and his relationship. Kacey was always the smarter one and was always one step ahead of both of them. She tried to warn Ariana multiple times but when she would, it would always end up with her and Ariana fighting and that was the last thing she wanted to do. 

The two finished going through the box of pictures but it took nearly two hours as they both had something to say about each of the photos. “I have a bad idea,” Kacey said. “I think we should take the ashes from the pictures, put them in a bag, and take all the cut-up clothes, put them in a box, and give everything back to him.”

Ariana’s head turned around so quickly. “I-I don’t know.” She said taking a sip out of the vodka bottle following it with some orange juice. “Come on, it’ll be fun,” Kacey said smiling while taking a swig out of the vodka bottle as well.

The two had already finished a bottle before this one and they were both feeling the buzz. “I’ll drive, everything will be fine,” Kacey said, trying to lean her to say yes. “Fine,” she said crossing her arms. Ariana pulled out her phone and sent him a text. “I’m coming to drop off your things regardless if you’re home or not. It will be on the front porch waiting for you.” 

The two got changed, Ariana put some makeup on just in case he was home and the two went out to the car and got in. Kacey put her phone in the AUX and started playing Bad Idea by Ariana Grande as they drove. The two didn’t think twice about the fact that they were drinking, driving, and that it was a huge blizzard outside. Kacey stepped on the gas and began driving, so far so good. 

They pulled up to his house and Ariana took a deep breath. It was like something hit her across her face, she started crying horribly. “Hey, hey, hey… Shhhh,” Kacey said, trying to get her to calm down. “Do you want me to put it up there?” Ariana shook her head, “No. I need to do this myself.”

She got out of the car and put the box on the porch, the door opened which was not what she was expecting. Jack and another girl looked at her, “I’m sorry.” He said to her. “Save it, I want nothing to do with you. You’re gonna wish you never fucking did this to me. You’ll see.” She turned around and ran back to the car. Ariana got in and Kacey pulled out of the driveway. 

The two sat in silence on the way home until Kacey lost control of the car from the icy roads. The car was doing spins and a truck was coming the opposite way and didn’t see them. The big semi-trailer truck slammed into the side of Kacey’s small Jeep. 

Kacey woke up in the hospital, dazed and confused. She looked around the room, she saw her mother sitting on the chair next to her looking terrified and disappointed, per usual. Her dad was on the opposite side of her, not looking at her mom once. “Good morning,” Kacey said lightly.

“Oh my goodness!” Kacey’s dad popped up out of his chair, “Thank the lord you’re okay!” He hugged her. “Ouch,” Kacey said. “Sorry.” Her dad replied. “Where’s Ariana?” The room went silent. All signs of happiness were lost. “No, no stop it,” she said. Kacey could tell what was about to be said but she didn’t want to hear it. “No,” she started screaming. “K-Kacey we’re so sorry.”

Kacey’s best friend was gone. The only person she had, and it was her fault.