Dear Empaths Of The World


Walking into work on labor day weekend was the worst. I felt the thick tension walking into the doors of the department store the minute I walked in. My heartbeat speed up, watching the stress on the customers face. Looking at them pacing back and forth, aching for attention like the cries of a baby.

My managers face looked like a deer in headlights. She instructed me on what I’d be doing, I can feel the distress in her voice. My gut felt heavy. There was more than the busy day on her mind.

I ended up having to step out in a panic, just to calm myself down. I felt the anxiety rush in my chest. My whole body was in shakes. This is a very common occurrence for empaths to have. Being an empath means you can feel someone’s happiness or sadness in your own body. It can be hard sometimes to even distinguish my feelings with that of another person.

At the moment all I absorbed was the stress in the room, like it was my own. The feeling was so overwhelming and exhausting and my day had just begun.

Being empathetic can come with several benefits such as having a strong intuition, compassion, creative gifts and a deeper understanding of people. However, it also comes with becoming overwhelmed, over stimulated and sometimes absorbing the stress and negativity of others.

I used to have a love hate relationship with being an empath, especially when I first started to learn about it. For one, I love using it in the art that I create. It’s very easy for me to invoke emotions in my writing dancing and singing.

This ability has lead me to write some of my best stories because people naturally open up to me. I can sense when something is heavy on someone’s chest and it can understand exactly how they feel in their darkest moments. I know how to be a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold or an ear to listen to.

I hated the way it provokes my anxiety and even sanity. Feeling everything so deeply can be a lot to handle. It may feel like everything hurts, like everyone is out to get you. Being intuitive is a double-edged sward.

I truly see everyone for who they are and that can be disappointing. I can tell when people lie and I can see their intentions and motives. Nobody is perfect, however one thinks “everyone sucks”! Sometimes all they care about is the superficial things that feeds their ego. It can become really disheartening to have to take off the blinds to see the bad and the good in a person.

Being an empath also attracts narcissist and toxic friendships. Because your energy source is so pure and genuine, narcs and bad people are drawn to it like mosquitos sucking the bloods and life out of you. They can also attract damaged and avoidant souls that need guidance which is a huge responsibility. This is because you were made to inspire and teach people about themselves.

Emotions makes us human. Many people are afraid to feel, they just push it deep down and continue with their lives for sake of survival. But, met an empath and you will surly feel and think about your own inner demons. What people need to understand is that to find a reasonable conclusion to your problems you must feel the emotions through the spinal cord. There is nothing wrong with feeling too much because after you sort it out you will be in a better more peaceful position.

So to my dear empaths, you are not alone. One thing you have to learn is to protect your energy! Not everyone deserves your compassion. Trust your gut and never doubt your intuitive gifts. You know when a person has pure intentions and when a person is a fraud.

Once you feel the drain, take some time to rest. It takes so much energy feeling everyone’s auras so take some time to connect with yourself. Go on walks, meditate, read or do whatever you find relaxing. It is so important for empaths and highly sensitive people to recharge once a day.

One thing I used to stop panicking in big crowds of people is I ground myself. Picture two things you can touch, feel and see and breathe. Also, being conscious of your own gift. I think to myself every day, “do I really feel this way or is it my environment?”

For the empaths that struggle with insecurities or feel that they are too misunderstood there is a quote from Emilia Ortiz that I love, “Your just too deep that you make the oceans look shallow, your light shines so bright you make the sun look dim and that’s and the reason they say you are too much is that they know for what you are they are not enough,”. Keep shining.

Love, Val