Do Internships Prepare You?

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Internships are a huge deal in today’s society. Most good paying jobs after college require a person to have internship experience. This is because they don’t want to hire somewhere who has experience on paper but rather someone with experience in the field of their career. The more internships you’ve done the better your resume looks and the better the opportunity you have of being hired at the job you want.

Having done internships show that you’ve used your time in college very wisely. It shows that you will go the extra mile to become successful and that you are motivated. Mercy graduate Kai Bailer had three internships. First as part of the Wendy Williams production management team. By attending this internship she realized her passion to work in the tv/music industry. While working there she says ” I’ve learned to be more confident in my work and i push myself to stick out of the group.”

Kai’s second internship was with the program scheduling and acquisitions department at POP TV. She says ” I learned how networks acquire content, plan, and strategize their rollout.” Working there Kai had to do a lot of research work and was tasked with creating grids. She was able to get a better understanding on how things work behind the scenes in these industries. She also interned at BET and worked with their brand creative team. She was in charge of promoting the networks identity. Here she learned about commercials, branding, promotion,and campaigning.

All of these internship’s helped Kai land a position as an assistant in specials music and news department at BET on her last day of her internship. By doing so she was able to travel to LA, Las Vegas, Miami, and Atlanta to work for production of all award shows. She feels if it wasn’t for her internships she wouldn’t have the job she does now. Internship’s have prepared her for a career in her field. She also has more than one internship, she had three. The more internships you have the better your chances are at landing your dream job in your field.