Everyone needs clothes


Mercy College is doing a clothing drive for the holiday. This will help people in need of clothes for the holiday season. All kinds of clothes can be found.

All kids, women’s, and men sizes are provided. Clothes are donated all the time by different people. Most of the time because clothes do not fit certain people anymore.

People can buy clothes but this way they can get clothes without spending a dime. Besides this is all for charity so it’s going to a good cause. All clothing will be available such as outerwear, underwear, shoes and so on.

This is going on from Nov. 16 until Nov. 20 so if people haven’t had the chance to donate clothes now is the time to do it. A lot of different places do it not just at Mercy. In Mercy it is hosted by Hudson Hall office of residential life.

It’s going to be full of unlimited clothes to choose from so there’s no limit to that. It is free to enter so no price needed. It starts on Nov.16 at 9 a.m. and ends on Nov. 20 at 5 p.m. People who haven’t donate before that date.

“I created this event because some of the low income people in the area may not have clothes for this upcoming winter season. So I created this clothes drive to be able to donate the clothes to the GreenDrop Charitable donations,“ said Senior RA of Hudson Hall Antonio Solon.

Some people are in dire need of clothes especially during the holidays. This drive will help them get easy access to clothes without ever having to go to a clothing store and spend $20 on something.

This way people get clean clothes that a free to use. If someone needs clothes then this is the way to get them because donating clothes especially around the holidays are a great way to help people.

That way people can have enough clothes to last them through the winter. It is good to give clothes to adults who do not have clothes especially to children or adolescents or even those who are struggling to pay their college tuition who do not have clothes.

Besides people needing food and water to survive they also need clothes even if there is cold weather. They need warm clothes to last the winter and this way they might get it. This might get people a lot of clothes for the winter.

People could get all sizes for all people including children. This might make for a perfect Christmas gift for parents to give to their children or vice versa. 

This drive is giving people an opportunity to get clothes without spending a dime. It might even save them time on any holiday shopping maybe a little money too. The goal is for enough people to get enough clothes for the winter and any other occasion.

If people have enough clothes then they are satisfied. They are going to be satisfied because they not going to have to shop for new clothes for themselves or anyone else for a while.

These clothes might be for warm weather or they might be cold weather that does not matter the point is that they have clothes.

That goes for any adults, children and adolescents who are in need of clothes. When people get new clothes it it like getting a gift from parents or significant others.

People can get the new clothes by donating to this drive. After this drive, all the clothes donated go to a charity where the charity would be giving the clothes to people who need them.