Family, Work and Being Sick: That Was My Weekend

The last blog I posted a blog it was a day or two before Thanksgiving. So roughly a week ago, in my pervious post I talked about suviving the holiday get togetheres and Black Friday and Christmas shopping. I also gave advice and tips for those who were shopping over the weekend.

I too survived Thanksgiving and Black Friday, but unfortunately I got a really bad head cold and…well I’ll explain. Well let me start out by saying I enjoyed my Thanksgiving dinner with my aunts, uncles, and cousins. Like all Thanksgiving get togethers I tried not to eat that much, but I quickly ditched that method when I had my aunt’s salas dip. I was having a good time with my cousins until I remembered that I had to work the next day from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Yes you read corecctly 12 hours of crowds, holding clothes and endless lines of costumers. I worked…once again I will explain at New York & Company for respect of the store I will not say where it was located. I started working there on Nov. 18, and let me tell you it was the most confusing, challenging job I have ever done. Confusing becasue I never worked at a retail store before, and I was basiclly put in front of the cashregister with little to no understanding of how work it. It was challenging because workers couldn’t take breaks or sit down. Basiclly I was on my feet the enitre time.

So back to Black Friday, I went to work around 10 a.m. I was put on cashregister for a few hours and then I was assigned a spot on the floor where I would fold clothes and put items that did not belong in my section back in their own section. So a couple more hours go by and I am feeling hungry and thirsty. My boss told me and the rest of my co workers that we will be given any hour break plus a 30 minute break also well. As I am waiting for my hour break I am helping costumers find what they are looking for and taking clothese and merchandise that is not in my section back to where they belong.

Finally, I get my break! I get to rest my feet and eat pizza and drink soda. But like all good things my break come and went. After my hour break I was on the floor again, but now I had another issue to fix my feet were hurting bad. I tired standing on one foot and then the other, didn’t work. so when my 30 minute break came I tried to relax my feet.

At the end of my shift I’m going to say 9:30 maybe 9:40 my manager was counting the money in the registers and found out we were $1,200 short. So everyone had to stay until midnight in order to raise the amount that was in the registers. I was upset but there was nothing I could have done. So we made enough money to close our doors but we had to put all the close away in their own sections. I remember limping around this point. I also felt a tight pul in my right thigh becasue my feet where not use to standing for 13 in a half hours! The pain in my thigh was a pulled muscle.

So I drive home go to bed and when I woke up I had the worst head cold. It was hard for me to swallow, my head hurt, and I had the chills. I thought I was working 10 to 3, so I call New Work & Company and said I was sick my manager told me I was on call from 5 to 9. So I go to work at 5 and I tell my co workers that I am sick. I start my work and at first I am feeling okay, but once my feet start to hurt my fever started too. I started feeling hot and dizzy. I asked one of my managers if I could get some water and sit down. She said okay. However, when I asked her if I could go home she told me I had an hour and 45 minutes left of my shift. Then out of nowhere she tells me for some people this job is not right for them. First of all I was capable of working hard and being a team player, but I was not ready for over night shifts, working when I was sick, and 13 hours of striaght labor.

After I heard that my manager didn’t think I could work I was upset and finally tought to myself this job is not for me. I told my manager this job wasn’t for me and I quit. I do believe people should listen to their hearts when dealing with a tough job. Quitting is not the best decision, but if you think your life is better without going to a stressful job then you should do what will make you happy.

I definitely learned a lesson this weekend. I understand what job I am good at and what I am not good at. And after getting a head cold from working on Black Friday I now have a holiday that I dislike with passion.