Time Flies When You Are Having Fun

Is it just me or are the years going be way to fast. It always seems that way once December hits. It’s like the rest of the months goe in slow motion until December come around. I just people are out and about buying gifts, chopping down evergreens, and perparing for relatives when they come over. Fathermore, does time really go ‘fly’ when people are having fun, or is that just a saying?

Ever since I started college my life has speed up. Before I transfered to Mercy College I was studying at Westchester Community College. When I was starting college I thought the semester would go slow like it did in high school.

Boy was I wrong. If the person that I am now were to go back in time and have a conversation with myself, I would probably be in awe. However, flashforwad two in a half years later and I am a college graduate, journalism student, and a future intern at my favorite magazines The Westchester Magazine.

Was it easy, hell no! In this year 2012, I had some ups and downs, some laughts and some cries. Nevertheless, I pushed myself and was motivated to acheive my goals. Some goals I have conquered e.i. learning about Journalism, becoming the Editor in Chief of WCC’s newspaper The Vinking News, and landing my internship.

There are many more goals I have/want to do. Having said my acheivements I’ve dealt with a lot of obstacles also. In the eary months of 2012 I was in a realationship with someone I meet online. After he broke up with me over personal issues I know the realationship was a stupid idea. But as I said before I am a strong independent woman who got over him quickly. During my last few semesters at WCC I had to study really hard to keep my GPA at a balanced percentage. Fortuantely I graduated with a strong 3.5.

In the Summer of 2012 I had a lot of fun. I used to work at a public swimming pool called Saxon Woods. I enjoyed working with my co-workers, it was like I was getting paid to have fun at work…and I did fun. The bad thing about working at a seasonal job is I wanted to move on and get a year around job (that pays more than minimum wage.) As a 22-year-old I know what I want to do with my life then a teenager in high school or beginning college. To anwser my question I do think that time goes by fast, but it doesn’t matter if one is having fun or not. Life doesn’t stop just because someone is sad or happy the earth will still spin on its axis.

I can see how far I have come from a high school freshman that didn’t know how my life would turn out in three, five, or even seven years. Wow its been seven year…I’m old! I kid I kid, but that is my point of this blog how time goes by so fast over the years. Now the only memories that I have are on facebook, in my phone, or they are caputered in photos and stored in phtot albums. So the next time you stay “Wow this year has gone by so fast” just think about all the fun, amussing, thoughtful memories you cherist during the year 2012.