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Francesca Simone
Three jobs, five college courses, a huge family, a binge-watching addiction, a deep-rooted passion for Halloween, a never-ending hunger for literally every edible thing in sight (bottomless pit, for sure), a massive movie collection, an obsession with Disney, an infatuation with horror, a need for constant dancing and great music, a black cat named Banshee, and an imagination that runs wild all the while (yes, you can breathe now); Francesca is fueled by the serendipitous moments life surprises us with every once in a blue moon.

Francesca obtained her AS in Journalism in 2019 and is due to graduate with her BA in Journalism in 2021. She's passionate about creative writing and story-telling.

She writes a column titled: To Be Perfectly Frank

Francesca Simone, Impact Staff

Sep 18, 2019
A Little ASMR to Brighten Your Day (Story)
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