Column Descriptions

STUDENTS SAY is written by Erminia Errante.

Personal thoughts and experiences of my years at Mercy College. Wish me luck.

HOW DO YOU SOLVE A PROBLEM LIKE MARIA? is written by Maria Perez.

College life can make you want to pull your  own hair out. Watch out, i may do it to you first.

STRIKE OF LIGHTNING is written by Karissa Allen.

Lighting is said to never strike the same place twice. I say it can. What does lighting do? It shocks people with a wave of electricity. What can news do? Shock people! This is the place to find all of the ‘shocking’ and sometimes not-so-shocking facts and stories

WITH MORNING COFFEE is written by Krystal Johnson.
With Morning Coffee is going to be a students guide to current events. The average student does not have enough time in the morning to watch the news and catch up on what is going on in the world but “With Morning Coffee” they will. This column will discuss all major events happening from weather, highly publicized crime to current politics.
ANYTHING THAT’S ROCK N’ ROLL is written by John Principio.
This page will review, critique and discuss local bands, venues and bars. Having been involved in the New York City music scene for years it has played a vital part in my life. Though many believe the “Scene” is dead, I will hopefully encourage and convince my audiences that the music scene is very much alive.
THE RODDINGTON HOUR is written by Roddington Jones.
I watch plenty of television, so I have a decent portion of options allowing diversity, or specific attention to one series.
PROBABLY MAYBE is written by Marie Roser.
Random thoughts about things that are going on in the world around me! Step into the chaos that goes on from a perceptive that sometimes is not so normal!