The Award Winning Newspaper of Mercy College

Column Descriptions

PROBABLY MAYBE is written by Marie Roser.
Random thoughts about things that are going on in the world around me! Step into the chaos that goes on from a perceptive that sometimes is not so normal!
REAL TALK is written by Shalekiah Barton.
Shalekiah will write about politics, gossip, celebrity culture and local events that people are either too afraid to speak about or that people don’t know about. The topics that make people cringe, are usually the most interesting and need to be dissected, and written about. In this column, you will be enlightened.
THE RODDINGTON HOUR is written by Roddington Jones.
I watch plenty of television, so I have a decent portion of options allowing diversity, or specific attention to one series.
FOOD FOR THOUGHT by William Wheeler.

Food For Thought is a blog all about the experience of having a good meal. There are limitless smells and tastes out there to be experienced and this is his try at describing them. This blog will highlight great places to eat, recipes to cook on your own, and perhaps a love letter to the inventor of fluff.

Can We Talk? is written by Naomi Osuji.

It’s a mixture of social issues, music and all those other hundred things that I need someone to talk to about.

The Tea is written by Tanasia Patterson.

The Tea talks about everything from beauty to the latest music and trends, and just everything else under the sun.

Shan Tells is written by Shantall Marshall.

Stick around while Shantell dishes on life, friends, love and music.

Damaged Goods is written by Miguel Gonzalez.

This column focuses on health, personal experiences, social issues and current events happening in Mercy College and in New York.