Column Descriptions

STUDENTS SAY is written by Erminia Errante.

Is going to mostly be about my experiences of living on campus and being a student life. I’ll like to include peoples complaints about the school and my own complaints. Also the positive things that students and I like about Mercy and why. Stories about living on campus and  the rumor of it being “haunted”, and student life at Mercy.

YOU’RE FRUSTRATED? ME TOO is written by Maria Perez.

College life can make you want to pull your  own hair out. Watch out, i may do it to you first.

FROM WIRED TO WEIRD is written by Sasha Majette.
In the world of technology we are always looking for what the next big thing. New gadgets are being released in the over saturated market of smart phones and tablets but which one should you spend your money on? We’re going to cover all bases from the new and upcoming to the weird and random new tech toys to find out which one deserves your cash and which ones belong in the trash.


Dorothy Parker was a renowned writer who contributed to both Vanity Fair and The New Yorker in the 1920s. She was the most well-known member of the Algonquin Round Table. I, on the other hand, have a subscription to Vanity Fair and The New Yorker. Coincidentally, I have eaten a hot dog in front of the Algonquin Hotel.  Like Dorothy, I want to bring my casual (and occasionally sarcastic) point of view to a discussion about new books, movies, and television shows inspired by my own warped insights.

METLIFE REACTION is written by Michael Nash

A weekly reaction to the New York Jets game. Breaking down key moments, impressive plays/players, how the game affects the team going forward, and a column talking about everything New York Jets.

 THE STIFF UPPER LIP is written by Sam Neve

A British take on life in America.

CUP OF T is written by Taylor Ryan.

Whining and complaining seems to be my niche of the moment, so “Cup of T” will cover the “who” and “what” may or may not be my cup of T(ea).

 DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE is written by Stephanie Gelsey.

 Down The Rabbit Hole will shock the world with brilliant facts that are unknown with genius and beautiful writing.

MR BASKETBALL is written by Trifton Rose.

A breakdown on how being a commuting student athlete can be more difficult then the average student athlete. This column will also provide tips on how to make the athletes busy schedule a little more easy to deal with.

FRIED RICE, NO VEGETABLES is written by Joseph Cogdell.

No description needed.

 WITH MORNING COFFEE is written by Krystal Johnson.
With Morning Coffee is going to be a students guide to current events. The average student does not have enough time in the morning to watch the news and catch up on what is going on in the world but “With Morning Coffee” they will. This column will discuss all major events happening from weather, highly publicized crime to current politics.

STRIKE OF LIGHTNING is written by Karissa Allen.

Lighting is said to never strike the same place twice. I say it can. What does lighting do? It shocks people with a wave of electricity. What can news do? Shock people! This is the place to find all of the ‘shocking’ and sometimes not-so-shocking facts and stories.