The Impact

Advertising Rates

Please send any advertising inquiries to [email protected]

The Impact is a broadsheet  style newspaper, roughly 17 X 11 per page.



FULL PAGE 17 X 11 – $750

COLOR: Inquire with the faculty advisor

Files sent should be JPGs. If no Ad is already created or an image is necessary, font only ads can be emailed to the advisor.

Internal ads by Mercy College groups or organizations will receive a 25 percent discount.

Advertisements submitted by ad companies will be billed after the newspaper is printed. Please provide an address for tear sheets to be mailed to.

The newspaper distributes 2,00 copies across Manhattan, the Bronx and Westchester to the 12,000 students who read it regularly.

All ads are at the discretion of the advisor. The Impact does not accept advertisements from other colleges/universities for their four year programs, graduates programs or summer sessions.

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Advertising Rates