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Column Descriptions

The Girl On The Train is written by Nora-Grace Orosz.

She eats. She listens. She reviews. She eats again. 

The New Girl On The Block is written by Andrea Loaiza.

Follow Andrea on her journey to discover the stories behind the people. If you like what she has to say, stick around. If you don’t, stick around anyways. 

Matt Says It is written by Matt Reich.

Matt always has something to say. Whether it be personal stories, thoughts on politics and entertainment, or what happened last Tuesday night, there’s always something to be said.

The Tea Whisperer is written by Tanisha Esprit.

Step into the Tea Whisperer, where you will be poured hot topics on politics, fashion, and people in general.

Nic’s Notables is written by Nicole Acosta

Stay tuned while Nicole talks about the real deal of love and life as a young Hispanic woman in today’s decade. She also mentions your favorite musicians, TV shows, film actors, and hot spots in the New York City metro area. 

Blonde & Brains is written by Olivia Meier.

Join Liv as she traverses through all aspects of college life – from the stress of classes to the joys of being a commuter, she’ll talk about it all.

The Weekly Rage is written by Marc McCarthy.

Weekly coverage of anything in comics, gaming or movies that annoy Marc, and should probably annoy you as well.

The Cultural Wildchild is written by Chelsea Renay. 

The Cultural  Wildchild brings you everything but the kitchen sink. Celebrity gossip, college trials and tribulations, fashion & music trends. There’s literally something for everyone. Sound off! Let your voice be heard. Mine sure will.

The Joke’s On Jess is written by Jess Brandt.

Can Jess catch a break? Find out as she gets into one fiasco after another.

Musings of Miska is written by Michael Dunnings.

Expect an eclectic dive into the most intriguing developments in film, television, gaming, MMA, and historical worlds.


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Column Descriptions