The Impact


Written and edited by the students of Mercy College, The Impact is published in print and digitally during the academic year. The paper runs news stories, profiles, sports, entertainment, opinion and investigative pieces.
We are open to any and all story suggestions. If you have an idea, please, feel free to contact us.

The Impact’s mission is provide news of value to the campuses of Mercy College and its community. The paper focuses on three areas: the campus itself, the New York area and national issues that can affect college students.
We continually stress accuracy, truth and allegiance to our audience in all of all articles.

Opinions expressed herein do not necessarily represent those of the administration or faculty of Mercy College.
The Impact encourages responses to the opinions expressed herein, and welcomes letter and comments. The Impact cannot guarantee publication of letters to the editor, press releases or unsolicited manuscripts, and reserves the right to edit or comment editorially on them.

Appearance of an advertisement does not imply endorsements by members of the editorial board, the adviser or Mercy College of the products or services advertised. All photo and copyrights are reserved unless indicated.

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