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Surviving Struggles To Graduation

Brian Pineiro, Impact Staff

March 20, 2019

Staff member Brian Pineiro has been through a lot. He's not only lucky to graduate, in many ways he's lucky to have survived.

Abusive Relationship Can Feed Into Your Depression

Val Lopez, Associate Editor

December 30, 2018

Staff member Val Lopez opens up about depression, an abusive relationship and her "summer vacation" in a mental institution.

Apple’s Live Stream Strategy is Genius Yet Deceiving

Christina Galgano, Impact Staff

December 2, 2018

Staff Member Christina Galgano tips her hat to the genius of Apple marketing and the foolish consume ego.

Tom Brady Is the Goat. No Question.

Chevaughn Hurst, Impact Staff

December 1, 2018

Brady makes it happen, over and over again. Rogers and Brees have yet to surpass the GOAT.

College Football Podcast Rigged For the Big Guys

Christina Galgano, Impact Staff

November 20, 2018

Staff Member Christina Galgano tears apart the NCAA's College Football playoff format and tells you how it is more a money grab than a contest to find the best team.

Play Video Games. It Will Keep You Young.

Brian Pineiro, Impact Staff

November 5, 2018

Staff Member Brian Pineiro keeps Pokemon handy at all times.  

NYC Pizza and Bagels Win; Thanks New York Water!

Christina Galgano, Impact Staff

November 1, 2018

  Staff Member Christina Galgano loves her pizza and bagels, but thanks the water, not the chefs. ...

Green, Durant and the rest of the Reality Show Known as Golden State

Mike Panteleo and Ellis Joshua

October 30, 2018

Mike and Ellis discuss the saga known as the Golden State Warriors and Green/Durant Feud

Mercy Needs A Football Team

Christina Galgano, Impact Staff

October 15, 2018

Want to increase school spirit? Let's get on the grid iron!...

Coming Out Opens A New Perspective On Life

Jared Naut, Impact Staff

September 20, 2018

Staff Member Jared Naut discusses his own experience on "coming out" and the challenges so many others face.    

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