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2020-2021 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Alexis Lynch Managing Editor See Alexis Lynch’s profile
See Alexis Lynch’s profile
James Tiedemann Associate Editor See James Tiedemann’s profile
See James Tiedemann’s profile
Amy Mbaye Impact Staff See Amy Mbaye’s profile
See Amy Mbaye’s profile
Renae Morgan Impact Staff See Renae Morgan’s profile
See Renae Morgan’s profile
Jadeen Mercado Impact Staff See Jadeen Mercado’s profile
See Jadeen Mercado’s profile
Nicole Alarcon Impact Staff See Nicole Alarcon’s profile
See Nicole Alarcon’s profile
Britney Guzman Impact Staff See Britney Guzman’s profile
See Britney Guzman’s profile
Daniela Baptista Haros Impact Staff See Daniela Baptista Haros’s profile
See Daniela Baptista Haros’s profile
Gino Alva Impact Staff See Gino Alva’s profile
See Gino Alva’s profile
Casey Akers Impact Staff See Casey Akers’s profile
See Casey Akers’s profile
Alex Wendling Impact Staff See Alex Wendling’s profile
See Alex Wendling’s profile
Amber Perez Senior Writer See Amber Perez’s profile
See Amber Perez’s profile
Andrew Rodriguez Impact Staff Alumni See Andrew Rodriguez’s profile
See Andrew Rodriguez’s profile
Michael Cohen Impact Staff Alumni See Michael Cohen’s profile
See Michael Cohen’s profile
Andrew Kim Impact Staff Alumni See Andrew Kim’s profile
See Andrew Kim’s profile
Francesca Simone Impact Staff Alumni See Francesca Simone’s profile
See Francesca Simone’s profile
Valerie Lopez Impact Staff Alumni See Valerie Lopez’s profile
See Valerie Lopez’s profile
Daniel Johnston Impact Staff Alumni See Daniel Johnston’s profile
See Daniel Johnston’s profile
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