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Leaving Your Comfort Zone Behind Isn’t Easy

Leaving Your Comfort Zone Behind Isn't Easy
April 23, 2015

They say your college years are supposed to be the best years of your life. I’m not going to lie to you, but they were mine. As April comes to an end, and I have a mere four weeks left here at Mercy,...

Love Comes Like a Dream and Leaves Like a Nightmare

Love Comes Like a Dream and Leaves Like a Nightmare
March 21, 2015

Heart beats fast. Colors and promises. How to be brave? How can I love when I’m afraid to fall? But watching you stand alone. All of my doubts suddenly goes away somehow. All of my life I have sat...

The Hardest Letter I’ve Ever Had To Write…

The Hardest Letter I've Ever Had To Write...
February 20, 2015

To the kid I thought was my best friend, I know you probably don’t want to talk to me, hence the reason you probably haven’t been answering my texts, but I feel like I need some closure, and I can’t...

Your Lips Are Movin’

Your Lips Are Movin'
February 7, 2015

Known for being the shortest month, and the one where so many celebrate love with Valentine’s Day, February 2015 is a month I considered to be a “perfect month” aesthetically.  Four complete weeks,...

Red in the Face, But Not by Choice

Red in the Face, But Not by Choice
January 29, 2015

Looking in the mirror is one of the first things, people do in the morning, and it just so happens to not be one of my favorite things.Every time I look in the mirror I am reminded of the one thing that...

Chapter 12 of 12

Chapter 12 of 12
December 30, 2014

2014 was a crazy year for sure.People from 2013 stuck around and I welcomed some new, amazing people into my life. I said goodbye to some old friends, and welcomed new people into my family. I’ve cried,...

Things Change and People Change

Things Change and People Change
December 1, 2014

75 days is a long time to be away from home, but 730 days is even longer. For two years I have lived at school pretty much year around. Occasionally I would go home, for a day, a weekend if I was lucky....

Broken Crayons Still Color

Broken Crayons Still Color
November 28, 2014

It tears me apart when I see my loved ones depressed. Recently I have been able to see peoples’ moods change easier than I used to. Not only do I see other peoples’ moods change but I see mine change...

Sometimes You Have To Be a Ted Mosby

Sometimes You Have To Be a Ted Mosby
November 12, 2014

"Kids, I am going to tell you an incredible story. The story of..." Not how I met your mother, but just a story. One where I may or may not spill my heart out, but sometimes you just have to be honest. Not...

Not Strawberry Blonde, It’s Red.

Not Strawberry Blonde, It's Red.
October 29, 2014

“What’s good Ginge?” One of the things I hear every day. Oddly enough, I’m okay with it. Being a red head doesn’t go without the name calling, ginger jokes, and of course questions. Not...

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