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Fearless Latinx

Fearless Latinx

Sandra Romero, Staff Writer May 3, 2018

Over a year ago there was the debut of a statue that gained tremendous attention for international women’s day. For many years now women have been overlooked in the corporate and entertainment world. Before...

Social Media Impacts Dating

Social Media Impacts Dating

Sandra Romero, Staff Writer April 26, 2018

Being a millennial there are so many pros and cons about this generation and most of it have to do because of social media and the ways it has impacted our lives. Dating wise it is not easy because people...

Experiences, New Beginnings

Experiences, New Beginnings

Sandra Romero, Staff Writer April 8, 2018

Recently I have been losing my mind with everything going on in my life. For the past two weeks, traffic has been hectic making me go insane and just wanting to quit everything. I get asked every time...

Remembering Where You Come From...

Remembering Where You Come From…

Sandra Romero, Staff Writer March 29, 2018

With only a few weeks left until graduation, and even with my family reminding me, it still does not feel real that it is happening. This day will be special because I will be the first one to graduate...

Being A College Senior Is More Stressful

Being A College Senior Is More Stressful

Sandra Romero, Staff Writer February 23, 2018

Everyone recalls their senior year of high school as fun and not a care in the world because I got accepted to college so what else is there to do? Four years later and I am a senior in college and two...

Food Industry Profiting from Lies

Food Industry Profiting from Lies

Sandra Romero February 15, 2018

Health and wellness have become a trend lately especially with the millennials. Ask yourself how many people actually read the nutrition label? Then let’s look at the food industry and the millions of...

College Ritual

College Ritual

Sandra Romero, Impact Staff February 15, 2018

What do weekends consist of in college? Parties, Greek life, and a celebration for any occasion one can find an excuse to binge drink. It has become a ritual many  look forward to and an experience...

Should I Mention Valentines Day?

Should I Mention Valentine’s Day?

Sandra Romero, Staff Writer February 14, 2018

Valentine’s Day is finally here, and for many couples it is a special occasion, while for others... it could get rocky. As much as some women try to play it off and claim Valentine’s Day is no big...

Spring Breakers enjoying the beach vibes

Spring Break Forever, Beaches

Sandra Romero, Staff Writer February 8, 2018

College is basically an excuse to get drunk without your parents around. Traditionally, we have the house parties, go to bars, and most importantly, spring break with the squad. The hot spots are usually...

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