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Who Are Your Heroes?

Who Are Your Heroes?

Randi Rooney, Impact Staff December 19, 2019

Since most of us were kids, we were asked who our heroes were. Many still look up to this person and idolize them. A hero is someone special to you or a person who you believe does the impossible and...

Sensory Wise, Im Gone

Sensory Wise, I’m Gone

Randi Rooney, Impact Staff November 5, 2019

Scrolling...scrolling….scrolling… Deep breath in, deep breath out I look up from my phone to see if it is safe. It seems okay, then the sound comes back. The loudness of the room and the constant...

A Letter to Emily

A Letter to Emily

Randi Rooney, Impact Staff November 3, 2019

Hey Emily!  Well first off, I love you and I miss you. I’m sure you are doing great in college! You are one of the most important people in my life and I would drop anything for you if it came...

Last Week was Rough.

Last Week was Rough.

Randi Rooney, Impact Staff October 21, 2019

As humans, we experience life differently and some of us have challenges in life that make it harder and sometimes life just blindsides you with some random thing like illness. From Oct. 11 to Oct....

A Childhood of Bomb Threats

A Childhood of Bomb Threats

Randi Rooney, Impact Staff October 11, 2019

In my school district, we went from elementary schools to middle schools to secondary school to high school. So it was four schools that funneled to three schools to one school and stayed like that...

Its a.....Person?

It’s a…..Person?

Randi Rooney, Impact Staff October 4, 2019

I differed from others, but I never understood why until later. My name is Randi. Yes, I know that’s usually a boy’s name and spelled with a Y. Yes, it is my birth name. No, it is not a nickname...

Sorry. Could You Repeat That?

Sorry. Could You Repeat That?

Randi Rooney, Impact Staff September 27, 2019

A woman holding a clipboard with a list of words and some handwritten notes on it says, “Okay, Randi. Can you say Animal?”   The young girl smiles as she confidently says, “Aminal!”   The...

Something Is...Off

Something Is…Off

Randi Rooney, Impact Staff September 18, 2019
Something is... off A pregnant woman wanders around the house, she is a little anxious and searching around the house. “Something is wrong... but what? Am I forgetting something?” The woman thinks to herself as she doubles checks everything in her bag. She makes sure all the oven knobs are off and checks the windows. She goes to the bathroom one last time and when she comes out; the feeling is gone.  It’s over. No more weird, off, bad feeling of something being wrong. She takes a deep breath and smiles at her husband, they leave the house to go to the hospital for an appointment.  It is a bit into their drive when they come upon it. The reason for the bad feeling that kept the woman in her house, wasting time for what seemed like an unknown reason. A major car accident, two cars involved, no cops there yet, no ambulance or firefighters.  It’s fresh and recent.  They continue to pass it and as they pull up to the hospital later, an ambulance passes them. The couple assumes it’s going to the accident.  Later, they found out an elderly couple in one car and a young woman in the other were all killed in the accident.  It is almost like some superpower that my mom, the pregnant woman from this story, just knew she couldn’t leave the house.  Is she psychic like mothers joke about? Did she get some weird secret message from God?    It’s that crazy sixth sense that some people just have, where we just know we shouldn’t go somewhere or shouldn’t do something until it feels safe or right.  We all have gut feelings that we can either listened to or not and deal with the outcome of that choice, but for some people, it’s like a memory just out of reach.  My family has a very weird history with the sixth sense, where the firstborn and the third born can sense these weird memory feelings and sometimes see or feel something that is not there.  My sister and uncle can see things like ghosts and could describe to you a full profile of what the ghost looked like.  My mom and I can only feel things and occasionally see ghosts.  My mom told me the story of how when I was born, they wanted to do a procedure, but my mom was VERY against it.  Absolutely not. Wasn’t happening. She pleaded that they don’t do it, they didn’t listen to her and tried to go through with it, anyway. The machine turned on for a second and then just broke. They tried the turn it off and on again, unplugging it and plugging it back in. Nothing. My mom swears that she saw her grandmother who died seven days before I was born, touch the machine and made it stop. She also has said she has felt her grandmother hold her hand in hard times. One of the weirdest things that have happened is when my mother was seven years old. My mom knew she would have me, she just knew I would be the first one. So, she did what most do, and she told her grandmother, she described me to my grandmother and my grandmother looked at my mom and said  “Sorry, but I won’t be alive then.”  My mom was furious.  How could she say that?  How could she know she would be dead before she met me? Nobody knows how or why some people have such an intense sixth sense, that they can predict their children’s birth order, a bad omen, or possibly their own death.  We just know that whatever is to come, we should listen to it and be on the alert. I have walked into rooms and immediately turned around and left.  My uncle once went to shake a person’s hand and felt such an overwhelming bad aura, that he just went “no” and walked away. I could walk into a place and just be like nope. I have woken up in the morning and felt so much fear of leaving that I have canceled plans or stalled them until I felt the feeling go away. My mom and I have looked at each other in the eyes and telepathically have told each other should go! The feeling of the sixth sense is so intense that you can’t ignore it, it is like trying to fight a wall sometimes that you can either wait it out for the wall to fall on its own or risk whatever it’s saving you from. 
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