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Do Dogs Even Have Brains?

Sasha Majette, Senior Editor January 26, 2014

A popular YouTube performer recently posted a video with the title "Do Dogs Even Have Brains", where Trisha Paytas, an actress and plus size model questions whether or not man's best friend has a brain....

Dont be That Guy

Don’t be That Guy

Sasha Majette, Senior Editor November 7, 2013

Everybody knows him, it's "that guy" and his annoying antics. I've compiled a list of things not to do if you want to avoid being "that guy". Every one ends up being that guy one time in their life. That...

YouTube U: Halloween Edition

YouTube U: Halloween Edition

Sasha Majette, Senior Editor October 30, 2013

It’s not uncommon for people to end up making fools of themselves on Halloween, but the great thing about Halloween is that it’s OK to look a bit foolish. YouTube is full of Halloween make-up tutorials...

Youtube U: Recipe Edition

Youtube U: Recipe Edition

Sasha Majette, Senior Editor October 19, 2013

With sites like Pinterest popping up and showing the brilliant and seemingly easy craft projects you usually end up saying to yourself' "I can do that!" but after the second step you realize that your...

Do you Reddit?

Do you Reddit?

Sasha Majette, Senior Editor September 19, 2013

You can always find some reporter out there spouting that it’s amazing what social media can do, from solving crimes to raising money for charitable causes.Social media is just a digital rally of people...

Code Like A Boss

Code Like A Boss

Sasha Majette, Online Editor March 20, 2013

Code Academy is a website that offers free lessons in basic computer code. When the vast majority of people hear about computer coding, they automatically get intimidated by it. They get terrifying flashes...

5 Things Your Advisor Wont Tell You

5 Things Your Advisor Won’t Tell You

Sasha Majette, Online Editor March 7, 2013

Its registration time again folks! Have you ever walked away from an advisor feeling like you needed more guidance? Well here are tips from a real live senior that your advisor won’t tell you. The advisors...

10 Awesome Gadgets

10 Awesome Gadgets

Sasha Majette, Online Editor February 28, 2013

Ever see something online that you just had to have? Well here is the top ten most ridiculous but must have inventions. Inventions that you can't find any where else except the internet. Some of these...

The Carnivorous Sundew Fairyby ~Doodledy

Photo Manipulation: A New Age in Digital Art

Sasha Majette, Online Editor February 20, 2013

The advancement of technology has brought with it a new art form called digital art. Beyond just animation and CGI, the genre has come to include digital photo manipulation. Photo manipulation combines...

Mercy College Continues to Mourn Susan J. Gunser

Mercy College Continues to Mourn Susan J. Gunser

Sasha Majette, Staff Writer February 13, 2013

I remember my first health science class with Professor Susan J. Gunser.  No matter how early I got to class, she would be there already, sitting behind the desk with her hands - adorned with long fingernails...

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