The Award Winning News Publication of Mercy College

The Impact

The Award Winning News Publication of Mercy College

The Impact

The Award Winning News Publication of Mercy College

The Impact

The Mafia and Its History In New York

Jessi Rucker and Tom Fehn February 23, 2012

(published 2011) The Mafia. It has been a part of New York for nearly 150 years. On the heels of a mammoth arrest, some consider it to be fading away. Others disagree. The Impact spoke to the FBI to...

1968: A Glimpse At The Most Influential Year

Sean Faye, Michael Bloom February 23, 2012

(published 2008) "Tumultuous." That was the word Mercy College History Professor Ted Rosenof used to describe 1968. A 25-year old graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison at the time,...

A Looming Crisis: Where Is America’s Health Care System headed?

(published 2008) One of the most talked about issues in American society today is health care coverage, and with the presidential election fast approaching, it has become a hot topic for a lot of Americans. Quality...

The Hudson River: A Local Landmark Or A Toxic Waste Dump?

Erin Burns, Mike Bloom, Dan Murtha February 23, 2012

Its not called the 'America's Rhine' for nothing. The sheer beauty and presence of the Hudson River personifies the nature of the inhabitants around it. The Hudson River has its storied past and...

Automotive Industry: As Gasoline Prices Soar, Car Owners Turn To Hydrogen And Electric Vehicles as New Alternatives

Andrea Francese, Dan Bl February 23, 2012

(published 2008) Auto makers are staring down the barrel of a completely new age of vehicle manufacturing. Environmental concerns, international unrest and consumer needs have changed significantly...

Identity Theft Soars As Technology Races Forward

(published 2007) The second a person is born, that individual is tracked and an identification number is registered. That number holds every piece of information about that person from criminal history...

Meet Your Candidates For The 2008 Election

Sean Faye, Dan Murtha Mike Bloom February 23, 2012

(published 2008) In 1966, a nationwide survey of college freshman stated that 60 percent felt politics was a vital issue and made a conscious effort to pay attention to it. In 2005, the same poll saw...

The War in Iraq: Are You Properly Informed?

Kate Ryan February 23, 2012

Published 2007 THE WAR IN IRAQ Between balancing classes and homework, a job, and personal events, it's often hard for the average college students to expand their perspective outside of their own...

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