Wolverine’s Return in Deadpool 3 Has Me Beyond Excited!


After years of not seeing Wolverine on screen, Hugh Jackman is set to reprise his role alongside co-star Ryan Reynolds once again in Deadpool 3. Now, what does this mean for Marvel fans like myself? This can mean one of two things; either there will be another send-off for Wolverine or it’ll be the start of his entry into the MCU.

Deadpool 3 can approach the character of Wolverine in many ways. They aren’t limited because Logan takes place in the future and Marvel has shown their hand in what they envision to be the multiverse with Spiderman No Way Home. So does it really even matter the way in which they bring Wolverine back? In all honesty, it doesn’t in my eyes because all I want to see is the chemistry between these two beloved characters on screen.

I don’t care if Wolverine ends up being thrown into the MCU later on or if Logan is the true ending to the character. All I care about is seeing how Deadpool can intermingle with Wolverine throughout the film. Of course, I’m happy that Marvel has decided to bring Wolverine back, but it was welcoming to know that he had his moment and to be quite frank, his send-off in Logan was phenomenal. There was a great sense of payoff attributed to the character of Wolverine and I’m afraid that that’ll be sorely missed if they decide to bring him into the MCU. Although I’m open to the idea of Wolverine in the MCU, I wouldn’t necessarily want to take away from the masterpiece of filmmaking that Logan was.

Anyways, we’ve seen it in comics and I’m sure they’ll play a great influence on the film, but the tone of Wolverine’s character is expected to shift alongside Deadpool and is in question. Wolverine is more serious in tone, as Marvel fans have come to know and gravitate towards, while his counterpart in the upcoming Deadpool film isn’t. Deadpool has notably become one of the most charismatic and humorous characters in the Marvel universe known for his obscene one-liners and grossly apparent dark humor.

The pair are a recipe for disaster, but in ways, they’re a perfect tag team duo because of their similar powers and maniacal urge to bicker amongst one another. I mean, who am I kidding? Deadpool 3 might end up being the funniest Marvel film to date. But, that can only be a reality if done correctly which leads to my next point.

Due to their extreme differences in core characteristics, these two may end up clashing a bit in Deadpool 3. It’ll be interesting seeing the inevitable conflict that arises between the pair, giving audiences pure comedic gold. We don’t know anything about the plot thus far, other than it is a clear continuation from the prior Deadpool with Wolverine in the mix.

With him thrown into the plot, there are different ways he can be included. Here are some of my predictions and concerns regarding the potential plotline. They can go the route of injecting Wolverine mindlessly just for the sake of bringing him back or they can introduce an element of conflict between the characters, as I had previously mentioned.

Introducing an element of conflict between the two distinct characters will create moments of tension and disagreement on a level we aren’t ready to see. Keep in mind, both Deadpool and Wolverine are savages of characters, more so against their enemies. With that said, if the pair can’t seem to get along, then there may be some bloody mishaps that end up happening. To be fair, Deadpool 3 is rated R, so be ready for that craziness bound to be seen.

But what happens when these two characters are forced to move past their differences and fight a common foe? We all know that there will be a villain in the film and that at some point, Wolverine and Deadpool will more than likely team up to fight against that villain. We don’t know what that’ll look like or how they’ll be able to work alongside each other but it’s safe to assume that it’ll be comical, to say the least.

No matter the direction they take these characters, it is crucial, to be honest in their portrayals. We want Wolverine to be who he really is, and not adapted into a shadow of his former self. I’m sure Kevin Feige will do an amazing job at pairing the two on-screen and as a Marvel fan, I’m ecstatic to see what he’ll bring to the table in this mashup of a lifetime.