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The Saddest Thing In Life Is Wasted Talent


A bag of Doritos produced a lecture from my parents. It surprised me how unhealthy they were. Yet, a college basketball coach once discovered one of the best young players in the NBA in 2019 due to a bag of Doritos.

With teams not giving the South Carolina player a chance to prove himself, Murray State University in Kentucky took Ja Morant under its wing, making him the best player in Murray State. From Murray State to paint the narrative that he is the face of Memphis to a wannabe gangster, you tend to question yourself. “What are you doing playing basketball?”

I was visiting my cousin and his mother in South Carolina for a week, leaning on the window in their car heading to their residential apartment. YouTube had recommended a highlight reel of a player I did not know about, Ja Morant. I thought, “Who the hell is Ja Morant?”

I had never heard about him. Zion Williamson had already caught the attention of me and several players. The highlights peaked my interest even more and I respected Morant’s skill set and heart for basketball. I did not know much about Morant due to my belief that Williamson was taking over his shine as the next face in the NBA.

The Grizzlies are drafting Morant. With the hype and lofty expectations around them, things can work out for them. Right?

At the time, everything was working for the player. To this day, Kyrie Irving will be my favorite player, but seeing 40 points made by the hands of Morant showcased what he was about. Williamson was injured, from my understanding, which gave Morant a chance to prove everyone wrong. Rookie of the Year screams Morant’s name. They were taking the team to playoffs for the first time in a long time. They treated Memphis well. Marc Gasol and Conley are star players, and now they received Morant. Memphis earned the prize in my book.

Seeing Morant’s progress with the gritty Memphis team, I knew the potential for Memphis going all the way. Memphis has its star. The Lakers had their stars when looking at Magic and Kareem. Kobe and Shaq. MJ with the Bulls. Portland with Dame. Warriors with Steph. OKC with Durant, there’s an extensive list of if Morant is their star and can bring them all the way. But what happened to Morant?

I saw Morant go from enjoying the sport to posting guns on social media and explicit clubs with excessive chains. Assaulting 17-year-olds. Events leading to his suspension. I gained curiosity.

I asked myself, “Why can’t he just play basketball?” I hear frustrations about athletes who throw away their natural talent or what they worked hard for.

Things happen when athletes who try their hardest to cut it in the big leagues but never get the chance to make it. But when you get the opportunity to get paid millions for what you enjoy, why screw it up? Heading into the NBA is like earning the golden ticket. You are set for success. But we are in a world where NBA players do everything but play basketball. James Harden is hanging out with rappers but fails to open a killer mentality in his games. Williamson is dealing with models bashing his image. Kevin Porter Jr. was charged with assaulting his girlfriend. The list goes on. Seeing their choices outside the league affects them eventually.

A 25-game suspension is on Morant’s bucket list. I only hope Morant  can bounce back. In my eyes, all I see is wasted talent. Play Basketball.




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