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The Award Winning News Publication of Mercy College

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The Award Winning News Publication of Mercy College

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Friday Night at Freddy’s Has Enough Scares To Enjoy


A day after the movie came out, I tried my hardest to avoid the secrets of the movie all day and throughout the night. 

Co-written by Scott Coffin himself the creator of the series and made with a budget of 20 million.

If you wanted a hard R experience, I am sorry but this movie is PG-13 while there is nothing graphic tomato sauce splatters everywhere but does have blood on a window after someone gets brutally killed.

They do get away with a few kills nothing graphic but implied and, deal with heavy subject matter such as trauma, child custody, and substance abuse to combo with the child murder and quick slasher cuts to the protagonist. 

The first few minutes had someone tied up and a tortuous death.

(My friend told me about it as I was late because I was getting popcorn for the two of us, the sacrifice I made for our entertainment and later rewatch.)

If you know The Romantic lyrics of “Talking in your sleep,” the secret of the movie will come out, it is a clue that is played during the introduction of the animatronics. 

The movie takes the game and makes it come to life just like the animatronics in the film, from a game-accurate recreated camera shot as the pizzaplex itself.

The animatronics are beautiful, They are faithful to the game and are made by Jim Henson Creature Shop, who made stuff from Sesame Street to the Muppets. 

Josh Hutcherson stars as Mike Schmidt, a new hire as a security guard at the abandoned Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza family center. Animatronics come alive and are mistrustful of Mike.

If you follow the lore or part of the community this is the film you were dreaming about. If you follow the games or books like The Sliver Eyes it rewards you with multiple references. 

Many can recognize fan-favorite characters in brand-new roles besides Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, and Foxy. Mike and Venessa are in the film and taking on brand-new roles that fit their original roles.

Even a few YouTubers made a surprise appearance, It is an appetizer for the eyes if you know and fun to see, but maybe it is just like how lunch is the most important meal of the day to some people. It’s just a notion.

With the words cryptically writing “COME FIND ME.” near the end and breaking the previous video game movie ‘The Super Mario Movie.” With it making so far of $78 million in North America and $130 million globally so far.

While the Mario movie made $500 million in North America and $1.36 billion worldwide.

Just remember there is no changing the past, What happens next is your decision to see playout and watch. 

The movie is a good popcorn film, it has enough content to stuff a suit in and classic jumpscare to spook you to be on the edge of your set. 

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