Trust In The Auto World

The auto mechanic is one of the most popular jobs today as it is one that for many is an opportunity to make a career of doing something they already enjoy doing. However, in the world of auto repair it has become the norm to not trust the people working on your car. Besides the many inexperienced mechanics  taking on more then they can handle and giving back shoddy work it is almost always already assumed that what ever the mechanic or service station tells you is needed for your cars repair is in someway a lie. Unfortunately for the few honest hard working car repair workers there is far too many crooks out there giving a bad name to the profession. In my work at the Sears Auto Center in Jefferson Valley NY not a day goes by that multiple customers that bring their cars in for evaluations, question the sincerity of what my mechanics come back with and need to see for them selves the source of the problem even though 90% of the time they have no idea what there looking at. But, who can blame them in an industry with a reputation such as this and when such large amounts of money involved it seems that if you need work you can definitely trust you’ll need to have the work done by a close friend or family member. Yet, even then those are my favorite cases when a customer comes in saying “well my uncle John says the car needs this” because when i tell them your uncle John has no idea what he’s talking about the conversation never goes in a pleasant direction.

Then at least once a day there’s a customer coming back saying that who ever worked on his or her car broke something else because the car is now doing something it previously did not. Usually the customers are compliant and allow us to find the new problem but even in this situation there’s always the ignorant person that comes in for an oil change and then claims that there worn out brakes are a direct result of the work they just had done. But just like any relationship if your going into it with no trust its doomed to be a failure so why would it be any different for the relationship between sales associate and customer.

Then on the same note the job of car salesman has almost become a cliche for a a dishonest person. With there fast talking and aggressive sales methods there already in a sketchy position. Especially when the customer is already aware that they work off commission and the sales persons lively hood depends on your possible business and now in today’s day it is so common for cars to be salvaged or have there miles run back you never know what your gonna get even big lots and with car fax there’s no sure way of knowing exactly what your getting. It seems that the only way your getting an untampered with car is to buy a new one but with the value depreciation on new cars is that even worth it?