The Power Of Music

The Power Of Music

It’s amazing how something we use every day is such a powerful vehicle in our lives and we don’t even notice. Listening to a certain kind of music can make you feel sad, angry, happy, hopeful, anxious, and excited or just make you want to move. Even that in itself is weird.  That listening to something sparks a part of your brain insisting that movement in a certain way weather it’s just nodding your head or getting up and breaking it down.

Strangely some people find one type of music enjoyable where others could find it nauseating and irritating. Even odder is the correlation with the type of music people enjoy in general for a time period so people of certain ages don’t enjoy the music of the next or previous generation. Some say it has to do the issues of the day.   Other just say music genres pass as fads of what’s cool. There are many theories on why this occurs but no sure conclusion has been drawn.

It is also debated if kinds of music influence or complement your personality. It is common to see some dressed in baggy clothes and a hat listening to hip hop as it is to see a kid in spikes listening to metal. Personally I think your born enjoying a certain kind of music that goes with who you are as a person or music accommodating to your surroundings. Some people however, take what is said in songs very literal, and self consciously want to act as the words that are being described to them. This contributes to seeing little white boys in the suburbs dressing and talking like there from the ghetto.  Talking about how tough they are up until something actually happens.

Yet, the most power music holds is the ability to draw emotion. Throughout my life I’ve always enjoyed listening to music but never thought much of it till recently. As the first time I fell in love and I began to relate to love songs they began to speak to me on a level I couldn’t believe. It was like the artist knew exactly how I felt. Then on the contrary when I had a broken heart again the music spoke to me. It was like the artists knew exactly what I was thinking and what I was going through at a time when I felt alone in my situation, and it was sometimes that music which was the only thing that kept me going through hard times.  If I didn’t know better I could swear Eminem knew my ex girlfriend personally. But that’s were his lyrics come from for the most part. How he feels of his past relationships so he’s songs which are usually strongly derogatory towards woman are so popular because they speak to that dark hurt part that lies in all of us, oddly his music still extremely popular among females.

Some softer music can calm you down after a stressful encounter or even put you into a serene trance to help you sleep or just clear your mind. While other music can give you hope for the future and make you feel like as the late great Bob Marley said “every little thing, is gonna be alright”, and some music can bring out raw emotion and aggression and actually boost physical performance in fact most people blast aggressive music while working out because it gives them that little something extra to go a little harder and move a little further a little faster.

Personally I don’t care about listening to music for things like weight lifting but for cardio activity it takes your mind off what you’re doing and gives encouragement but before any mma workout, sparing or fight I always listen to “go to sleep” by Eminem to give me the anger I need to release on to what lies in front of me.