Let’s Keep It Real

It’s pretty interesting how people love jumping on the bandwagon no matter what it is. There’s something in the general public’s brain that tells most people to be obsessed with something that they never liked before, just because everyone else does. I guess it’s to stay in the loop and not to be left out of what everyone’s talking about, but at what point are you just being fake for the sake of fitting in?

As of recently the Giants made it to,and won, the Super Bowl and all of a sudden all the girls I knew that always complained when sports of any kind were on, were the biggest Giant fans ever. They went out and bought the hats and  painted their faces and they posted multiple Facebook statuses about how much they love the Giants. Till it all comes crashing down when someone ask them to name a NY Giant besides Eli Manning, maybe they’ll get Victor Cruz because he dances.

I get that getting involved makes it fun for them, but to say you’re a Giant fan when the last time you watched a Giant game was when they beat the Patriots in the last Super Bowl is a little ridiculous. Although not really out of the character of any female to be fake just to make life easier for the moment, not saying guys don’t do it to but girls make it into a sport. That’s why if a girl asked me to bring every guy friend I have to her party I’d have to show up with a bus but if you ask a girl to bring every girl she can to anything the response is usually “I don’t have a lot of girl friends, all my friends are guys” and whats even funnier is that 75% of those guys you say are your  “friend” if they knew for a 100% fact they weren’t getting in your pants they would never talk to you again; except for that 5%of girls that are actually cool to just chill with.

More recently everyone decided to support this Kony 2012 movement. Ok so you support it good it’s a good cause but then you get the people who won’t stop posting about it and they change there profile pictures to a Kony 2012 ad and they  talk about it to everyone, again ok good, get the word out but then you ask them so what are you doing to help the cause? Are you giving money every month “uhhhhhhhh,” are you going to Africa to help out “uggggggggggg,” are you even going out the night of April 20th and putting up the signs for it everywhere like the movement calls for “ uuuu well I have work,” you then really need to shut up or practice what you preach.

It really has always amazed me- peoples abilities to be untrue to themselves and then on top of that, have the nerve to call everyone else fake. Personally everyone who knows me knows exactly what happens if someone is around me that I don’t like or someone starts acting or saying something stupid. I have a big mouth that’s rarely shut and I guess I just wasn’t built with that part everyone else has that makes them nice to people they don’t really like. Don’t get me wrong I love talking shit about people the only difference is if they were standing right next to me what I’m saying really wouldn’t change. Some people say I’m rude or I’m an asshole but the real truth is I’d do anything for my friends and basically have, and yea I have a ton of friends. But anyone who knows me knows you either love Jesse or hate Jesse because if you don’t like me I’m most likely very proud of the reason I gave you not to. Its not my fault you’re not used to people not being fake. That’s why if you ask around you might find a couple people that aren’t my biggest fan but even they’ll admit they respect me for it