Jealousy: The Ugliest Trait

Jealousy: The Ugliest Trait


They say jealousy is the ugliest trait. Jealousy is like a gateway drug. If you don’t take control of it, it could take control of you. Jealousy can destroy every aspect of your life. It starts by ruining your self-esteem. Once that’s gone you never feel right and the less self-esteem you have the more things you began to be jealous of. Soon nothing you have is good enough. You began to resent everyone including your own friends and as much as you try to hide your jealousy, it seeps out of you.

Jealousy then leads to depression, when everything is not good enough you’re never happy. These symptoms together are deadly to your way of life. When you’re depressed you already have less of a will to do anything and when your mentality is that nothing you do is good enough then why would you keep trying? And when you stop trying everything gets worse, fast. Soon you’re on a down ward spiral and you can’t stop because if you had low self-esteem before imagine how you’re going to feel when your life actually does start to suck.

Jealousy in females is more common than males but everyone feels it. Girls are always jealous of each other whether they want to admit it or not; even the most beautiful, confident, and cocky people find something in others to be jealous about. In fact, the people who act the cockiest are usually the most jealous deep down.

Girls are so commonly jealous it has actually become an excepted almost expected quality in a girlfriend. On the contrary, most girls consider a jealous boyfriend ridiculous.

If you’re walking around with your girl and all of a sudden she’s on top of you hugging and holding, you can almost guarantee they spotted another girl looking at you, even if it’s one of her own friends. Every girl has at least one of those friends that always hit on the guy she’s with. They’ll stay friends with the girl and then gets mad when the guy receives the flirt. It becomes a very sensitive topic that can set your girl off for the slightest hint at flirtation because as they come to expect it they begin to wait for it and jump in at the first sign. I love getting yelled at by a girl because her friend wrote on MY Facebook.

Guys always say bros before ho’s and I’m sure girls have a similar saying. No one should ever risk someone that’s a staple in their life for someone they could forget about a few months later.

There’s over 7 billion people in this world, that’s the main reason why I can’t understand why people still choose to hurt or even lose friends just to get with their ex’s or even current boyfriend/ girlfriend.

Maybe I could see how it’s hard for some guys to meet girls so when one does show them attention they jump on it but girls can get any guy they want that’s around the same caliber as them, and a good looking girl can at least hook up with almost any guys she wants.

That’s why guys getting with a lot of girls is an accomplishment, but girls getting with a lot of guys is her, disrespecting herself. Girls can’t be players because girls are the game. Yet, when a girls game is too easy it’s like the first level on Mario. Yea everyone’s going to play it but it’s the harder levels are what they really want to get to.