My Delicious Experience in New York.


Ga Young Yoon, Staff Writer

There is a steak house I really wanted to visit in Brooklyn. I asked my friends to go together and three friends decided to go together. I was so happy because I could try this steak finally. Near the Williamsburg Bridge, Peter Luger Steak House is located. It’s a bit hard to go from Grand Central with subway, but I know this steak house is worth it.

Because of its popularity, I had to make a reservation almost one month earlier. On March 11th, I called Peter Luger Steak House to make a reservation on April 8th. They said they had tables available at only 5:45p.m and 9:45p.m. It’s so famous that it was almost booked even before one month. I happily made a reservation at 5:45, and waited one month.

I eagerly looked forward to this steak house, so I made a plan what to eat there. I checked the menu on the internet, and looked at some reviews. Because I and my friends were four, we decided to order Steak for three, salad, and creamed spinach. The steak here is bigger than normal restaurant so we didn’t need to order Steak for four, instead, we ordered salad and creamed spinach so that we can enjoy the steak more.

Finally, the day came. Even though it was really cold, we just felt joyful. I opened the door of the steak house and found out so many people waiting inside. I told that we have already made a reservation. However, we still had to wait around five minutes. I could feel its popularity.

We ordered as we planned. We didn’t forget to say “medium, please” too. We became hungrier and hungrier after we ordered. Fortunately, we could ease our hunger with some breads. The bread came out with special sauce. This brown sauce was a bit sour, but it really went well with bread.

I was looking at the door to check if our waiter is coming or not since I ordered our food. Finally, I found our waiter walking with our steak. We all started taking pictures and videos. The steak looked really delicious on hot and white plate. The server put two pieces on our individual plates with butter source.

I breathed deeply and cut my steak carefully, and brought it into my mouth. Smile spread right away and I could not help making “Umm” sound. I felt like the steak melted in my mouth. It was thick but soft. I finished two pieces so fast, and brought more pieces. I ate steak with salad or creamed spinach. The salad made the steak fresher. I mean I didn’t feel greasy even after I finished a lot of meat. It was my first time trying creamed spinach. Actually, I don’t like spinach, so, I didn’t expect that much. I still think spinach is not delicious, but creamed spinach with steak is really good. I enjoyed a variety of flavors. Steak itself was great. Also, Steak with salad and creamed spinach was really good. Lastly, we got coin shaped milk chocolate as a dessert.

It was the best steak I have had for 5 years. However, if I can go there again, I would rather order medium rare because the steak keeps cooked on the really hot plate while eating. I recommend to visit here on special day. Just prepare two things. Make a reservation at least three weeks earlier, and save some money before. Sadly, it’s a bit expensive.

There are a lot of good places to eat in New York City. Some are famous worldwide as Peter Luger Steak House and Sarabeth’s. Others are not famous yet but, really delicious. A lot of students at Mercy live in New York. Not like me, they live here for a long time. So, my American friends say “Why are you so obsessed with delicious and famous places?” For me, visiting famous and delicious restaurants is a tasty memory of New York. I tried to visit as variety of places as possible to make many unforgettable memories. I was happy thanks to good restaurants in New York. I think I will miss some of them even after I go back to Korea.