Ryan Braun Not Necessarily Exonerated

Ryan Braun Not Necessarily Exonerated

It would be a joke or even a blatant lie if i said that i believed Ryan Braun, last season’s MVP.

Yes, the decision on the 50-game suspension has been overturned and yes he remains the MVP of the NL for the 2011 season, but that doesn’t mean I have to believe. His words during that press conference were strong and it was the equivalent of wagging a finger at the camera in front of congress. Saying all this though, Braun did win his appeal and the players union did their job, but not much is clear aside from the fact that procedures were not followed and mistakes were made.

That press conference is not unlike the previous denials we have seen and that is why it is hard to believe the man who got off free through a technicality. The details are clear enough to many of Braun’s peers who have spoken up about their skepticism, not truly knowing whether or not he tested positive for illegal substances or why his levels were so high. We may never know but the questions will linger and when it comes to public opinion, Braun remains a loser.

If I were accused of anything knowing I was innocent, that is exactly the way I would conduct a press conference- and that’s the problem. I would also handle that press conference the very same way if I were guilty and knew that there was no way the truth would come out. The test is invalid, so opinions takes a back seat to Braun getting his 50 games back- and let’s not forget his good name.

MLB has to do something about the amount of leaks that manage to get through given how important these tests are and the fact that it violates the rights of the players but as coach Dennis Green would say, we let them off the hook. The same way Ryan Braun was let off the hook this time around.

We learned many things watching this press conference as Braun made sure to point out his teammates who were supporting him. Aside from him not having an STD, we learned about Braun’s integrity and him potentially pursuing legal action but he failed to specify against whom. He learned to stop questioning life and he represents everyone who has been wrongly accused. Really? I’ve listened to enough variations of this speech to take the word of an athlete when it comes to performance enhancers, even if his body hasn’t yet shown the signs.

MLB is obviously wrong and so is the man who the sample was intrusted to but that doesn’t make Braun innocent and I would appreciate it if we treated it as just that. That press conference was a joke and served as the first stone  being thrown in this PR battle.

He sure does look believable though doesn’t he? Job well done by Ryan Braun’s PR team.