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    Darryl JenkinsMay 18, 2012 at 10:17 am

    The east is not a weak conference. Teams like New York and Indiana have improved and will give lebron and wade some competition in the coming years. I feel sorry for Lebron because the his window of opportunity to win a championship is closing slowly. The sixers have no superstar but they remind me of 2004 Detroit Pistons who won on defense and team offense. Evan Turner is a star on the rise along with Lou Williams and the new A.I. The are missing maybe a defensive center and they can be contenders. Depending on where dwight howard end up and the hype surrounding the Brooklyn Nets and the old celtics the playoff teams next year will be totally different.

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      Chayim TauberJun 6, 2012 at 3:15 pm

      LeBron and Wade are NOT running out of time. Speaking as a die-hard Knicks fan, you’re kidding yourself if you think that the Knicks are in anyway a threat to those guys down in South Beach.
      The early 2000’s Pistons had a LOT more scoring punch than the Sixers do now (Hamilton & Billups were perennial All Stars and Prince was a fringe All Star, not to mention Rasheed later on) and they had the single best defensive player of the 2000’s anchring their team.
      Did you just call Lou Williams “the new A.I.” ?
      Look, the sad reality is, for a team with nothing resembling a frontcourt and none of their role players contributing, the Heat have actually OVER-achieved. They will sign height, they will replace Mike Miller with someone more capable, and will find SOMEONE to compliment the big three.
      Couple that with the Celtics decline, the collapse of Derek Rose’s health, and an underwhelming Eastern Conference and the sad reality is, the Heat are the favorites in the Easter Conference for not one year, not two, not three…. the Heat are only going to get better.
      (Now I need a drink)

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