School Heat Wave? Oh The Humanity

School Heat Wave? Oh The Humanity

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing and the parka is coming out, but don’t be too hasty for fall just yet; the final rays of summer aren’t going down without one final singe.

We’ve all come to know the start of school as the dreaded pinpoint to the end of summer. The summer flings have come and gone, your reign as keg stand champ has been squelched, and the weeklong promise of all-night partying is but a sweet memory in the twilight.

But there is something different this semester, something that even those hanging onto the final daydreams of summer have grown tired of: this God forsaken heat.

Those daydreams are now melting to delusions, a lucid symptom to the heat exhaustion weighing us down walking across campus. Those aren’t your books people, nor last night’s happy hour making 8 a.m. class that more of a challenge to attend. No, it is merely the lingering scorch of summer drying us out with its 90 degree fever reminding us of a little thing called first semester.

Many a student has spent their entire first week drenched in a heavy sweat that surpasses first day jitters. Victory Hall practically stands as a mirage in the desert, an unrealistic journey from Main Hall. It would be hard to pull even the most studious of Mavericks from their air conditioned dorm rooms to endure that death march. According to New York’s weather report, dusk’s dropping temperature may be our only solace on campus for the next week.

Who knew this semester would be some warped episode of The Hunger Games? Where is my map and complementary canteen? Where is my camel? More importantly where is fall, because this stagnant torture is NOT my cup of T.