Own Your Immaturity

Own Your Immaturity

Melissa Nappi, Entertainment Editor

Society often deems certain behaviors childish and tries to shape our behavior as we grow into adults. So when we are kids we think about what it means to be grown up and all that entails. Goodbye to laughing for no reason and naps during the day. Except I like laughing out loud for no reason even if people treat me like I am crazy and really who couldn’t use a nap every once in a while.

With my 25th birthday approaching I decided to no longer be ashamed of my immaturity but to revel in it.

Here are 4 things that I will no longer be ashamed of:

1. Laughing whenever anyone says “cut the cheese.” I have been to more wine and cheese parties then I care to count as my friends pretend to be mature and sophisticated adults. At the beginning of these parties I am usually glared at as someone proclaims loudly they will cut the cheese and I begin to laugh uncontrollably.

2. Going to children’s movies. I love Disney movies and The Muppets problem is that people look at you funny when you go to see them without a kid. This is probably one that most people identify with so maybe it shouldn’t be on the list but I really don’t care So stare at me because the only child I am accompanying to the movie is me. Manmana!

3. Making up silly songs and then singing them in public. I have this charming little habit of singing to my food. I was a picky eater as a kid and the little songs that I sang helped me eat. Now I just seem to hum when I am eating but screw self control I will be singing again. (Mash potatoes so good and yummy…)

4. Pretending I am magic when walking through automatic doors. This is silly and odd way of thinking but it is an ingrained habit from early childhood. First it started as just a fascination with the technology and then it evolved into a little tick including a small hand gesture ala Shannon Doherty in Charmed. In fact it is so ingrained that I have to be told that I am doing it much to the chagrin and annoyance of others around me. While this used to embarrass me now I say embrace the magic muggles!

Immature adults across the internet I ask you to join me and embrace your immaturity.