How about some peace to go with that breakfast?

How about some peace to go with that breakfast?

There’s calmness when waking up with the chill of the sunrise. Grass, like the tip of a quill, is dipped with frost. Toes are stretching out and the body begins to gain balance. The sun is yet to break the noise of the black sky, much like the alarm clock. There is nowhere to go for the next three hours and yet there is suddenly a jolt to action. Make breakfast.

The pungent smell of fresh coffee eggs the others to the table. The chin drudges upward to make a shimmering glimpse of eye contact. The split second connection confidently knows that this may be the only peace and quiet of the day ahead. Butter starts to crackle in the frying pan and like a pool party an egg slides in to bathe amongst the flavor. Sunny-side up.

Somehow finding enlightenment biting into breakfast the air is still with quiet conversation: the coffee cup’s percussive knock on the table after a sip, forks chiming on the plate as another bite is speared, and the feint drag of slippers gliding along the floor. This is the sound check before the rock-and-roll of the day kicks off.

The circular dishes mimic the moon as they set into the plate rack of the washer while the sun rises. Warm water babbles over the dishes as cold water splashes the face. As the sun’s rays delicately reach through the windows, it is time to add color to the wardrobe.

A dime-sized dollop of polish for the teeth makes the smile gleam first thing in the morning to greet the face in the mirror. The dimples, aghast from the cold water bring a hue of strawberry red to the face and a brush skims the hair to release an aromatic scent of that pineapple shampoo.

So often transportation is mistaken for a café and the arm rest resounds with another table peppered with the morning’s crumbs. No, no, no. The engine may chatter like a dishwasher but there is no need for chaos this early. Breakfast is the only time of day that beckons peace.

Although someone giving you a micro-waved egg with cheese on a muffin looks like unison of two beautiful worlds it may throw the body out of sync. There are eight to ten hours rushing and hustling ahead, why disrupt the simplicity of indulging in the first meal of the day? Memorabilia mugs with a picture of the wife and kids all smiling, holding a banner that says, “have a great day” are only a reminder that the first hour of work where belches are the only thing to make the colleague’s nose crinkle should have been spent getting the family ready for the day ahead. Enjoy throwing the recyclable coffee cup away and there are certainly two faces at home wishing you hadn’t tossed up the chance to see theirs.             Like flipping buns on a grill it is only a matter of time that while sitting down and getting up, and sitting down and getting up, something is burning. We can all smell it, just like the breakfast burrito elegantly scoffed on the commute here. Keep breakfast simple. Peaceful, and joyful at the least. While there is a time to scurry around shouting things like, “Now! To go! Keep the change. Bye!” the day should always be welcomed.

Be free to spend some time winding up in the morning. A musician spends hours making noise before he or she creates a song and like a musician the band needs to be rallied together to feast first thing in the morning. The melodious chirps of the early-bird accompanying the cymbal-ic chimes at the table will be a peaceful tune that will play all throughout the noise of the daily grind.