The New York Bricks

I don’t usually write about sports in this column, but being that I have been a Knicks fan my entire life I feel like I have to address this situation.

Why can’t the Knicks win at home?

With a 3-13 overall record the Knicks are just a miserable 1-7 at home losing 7 straight! With payroll over 86 million dollars and premier players like Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudamire and Tyson Chandler the Knicks championship hopes for this year seemed overwhelmingly positive, but with Tyson Chandlergetting injured, Amare getting less minutes and Carmelo taking all the shots the Knicks find themselves in LAST place in the division and 2nd to last place in the conference.

But the question was why can’t the Knicks win at HOME?

The team is shooting a subpar average of 42.1% from the field at home and their winning percentage at home is .125. The thing is that the Knicks field goal percentage on the road is the exact same as it is at home, keeping in mind that they have only won 2 games on the road. So if the shooting percentage is the same in both situations what could it be?

I think I have found the answer. It’s 3 pointers!

The Knicks who set records in both 3 point shots attempted and made last season, are shooting less 3 pointers a game. They also made most of their 3’s from the corners last year. This year their corner 3 point percentage is down almost 20%. How did this happen? Well for one the movement of the basketball has not existed in the offense this year. When you move the ball you get open shots. This year it had been more of a one mans how with Carmelo leadingthe way. Only thing is he is leading us right to the worst home losing streak since 2010.

Another factor is the loss of forward Steve Novak. Novak played a big part in the Knicks 3 point success last season as well as J.R. Smith. With Novak being signed by the Raptors due to free agency and Smith being in a horrible shooting slump, the Knicks really have no one to rely on for the 3 ball.

What can the Knicks do?

Ill tell you what the Knicks can do. They can make some trades. They have already been shopping swingman Iman Shumpert for a player to fill the paint inthe absence of Tyson Chandler, why not trade a couple of more players to compensate for the loss of one of the best things the team had going for it, the 3 point shot. It’s not a secret we need shooters in Madison Square Garden immediately, otherwise Knicks fans such as myself will have to deal with another long, unproductive season.

And let’s not talk about next season.  The Knicks payroll is set to be over 90 million dollars next season.  With Carmelo Anthony already stating he is going to test the free agency market, if they resign Melo the Knicks my not have enough money until the season after to make any other valuable acquisitions.  Thats why making trades are going to be important for the Knicks.  If the team can make some trades and maybe take on some expiring contracts they can free up enough money to pair Carmelo up with another superstar player.  This is frustrating for a Knicks fan like me, as you can see I’m already talking about next season and the season after.  Pathetic right?

One thing is for certain. If the Knicks cannot find a way to turn the season around immediately, I’m pretty sure that significant changes will be made. I mean the Knicks have not won a championship since 1973, the fans are getting unbearable and restless.