Ladies, Let’s Not Be Catty

Ladies, Lets Not Be Catty

Maria Elena Perez, Associate Editor

Ah, Valentine’s Day. It’s the day where girls are their cattiest; either distraught at the fact that they don’t have a valentine this year or bragging to their friends about how big of a teddy bear their boyfriend bought them this year.

Around this holiday, there are four types of girls:

1. The one’s that REALLY don’t care: You’ll find these girls out with their single friends this year, taking down shots of tequila at the bar and getting really drunk. They’re probably hiding the fact that they really do care about Valentine’s Day, but have a mission to drink and forget about it.

2. The one’s that say they don’t care, but are crying about it inside: Probably the cattiest types of girls, as they’re the ones who will bring down the holiday with every nasty word in their vocabulary. They’re really dying inside because they know while some of their friends have plans with their significant others, they do not.

3. The one’s that used to not care, until they got into a relationship last month: These are the girls that swore that they would go out to the bar with you on Valentine’s Day the month before, until they got all goo-goo eyed about the guy who asked her out on a few dates.

4. The one’s that find the holiday romantic, yet don’t have anyone to spend it with: These girls are usually so optimistic about the holiday that everyone is their valentine (as annoying as that sounds, they’re the ones who will willingly bring you chocolate).

Although some of us are catty every day of the year, Valentine’s Day is usually our cattiest day of the year. Why, you may ask? It’s simple:

We expect WAY too much.

On Christmas, you expect to be with your loved ones. On New Year’s Eve, you expect to be with your friends, partying up the last day of the year as much as you can. So, when Valentine’s Day rolls around and everyone around you is paired off or have plans, our claws come out because a lot of us have nothing to look forward too.

This is why a lot of us turn out bitter and angry at the world, while spending our Valentine’s Day eating discounted chocolate and watching crappy rom-coms, wondering why we don’t have any plans on this sappy day of the year.

Even when we were in grade school, everyone got a Valentine’s Day card and some candy from someone. It was just expected to get something on Valentine’s Day. With all of that behind us, a lot of women can’t help but feel a bit bitter when some random girl keeps flashing the cheap piece of jewelry their significant other bought them from Kohl’s. They got some attention, and we didn’t.

Hallmark is to blame on this one too. Everywhere we turn, Valentine’s Day is shoved into everyone’s faces. The entire month of February you’ll find something in regards to V-Day. Whether it be the array of fake chocolate roses at your local CVS or a commercial talking about the best romantic movie to see in theatres this weekend, Valentine’s Day is everywhere and can’t be avoided, no matter how hard we try or how catty we can be. So, what do you do?

Embrace it.

Just because Hallmark and all the sappy movies about Valentine’s Day talk about being with the one person you truly love that day, doesn’t mean we have to. Do your own thing, and have fun with it. In reality, it’s just another day.

Forget about the cheesy heart pendant necklace your annoying friend keeps flaunting in front of you and stop caring about the people walking around with teddy bears. If you treat this day like any other day, I can guarantee you that it will go by much quicker.

Plus, you don’t have to sulk at home eating candy by yourself, hoping some guy will ask you out last minute and sweep you off your feet. Go out with your friends and do something fun with them. The second worst thing to being catty woman on Valentine’s Day is a pathetic woman, whining about not having plans because they didn’t make any.

If you really think about it, Valentine’s Day only comes once a year. If you’re still obsessing over not having any plans or angrily bringing down someone else’s day because you’re jealous, then maybe you’re just an unlikeable, catty woman who is probably better off doing nothing every single day of the year.

So ladies, let’s retract those claws and save the cattiness for another day. Happy Valentine’s Day!