This is How We End Catcalling

This is How We End Catcalling

There has been a lot of talk about catcalling lately, and I’m here to put an end to it.

I’m really sick of everyone complaining about this. The trending topic of catcalling was started by a public service announcement by Hollaback!, an anti-street-harassment group has recently gone viral. For 10 hours, a woman walks around New York City in a t-shirt and jeans and is being catcalled throughout the video. The video does a great job of depicting how creepy and uncomfortable catcalling can be.

The video was disgusting. It’s an uncomfortable and scary feeling to be catcalled at, especially when you’re walking down a New York City street by yourself. There are three different emotions women feel when they’ve been catcalled: scared, uncomfortable and embarrassed.

Never impressed, flattered or turned on.

Scared, because she didn’t expect it. She’s walking down the street and hears a comment about her ass and immediately feels creeped out. She then begins to feel uncomfortable because she’s unsure if she should say something insulting back or walk away. Afterward, she feels embarrassed because some men actually believe they’re giving her a compliment when it’s completely demeaning.

Let’s establish the definition of catcalling. By definition, catcalling is ‘making a whistle, shout, or comment of a sexual nature to a woman passing by.’ According to a survey from Penn Schoen and Berland Associates, 87 percent of American women between the ages of 18-64 have been harassed on the street by a male stranger.

Ladies, catcalling is not when a man says hello to you on the street. If a guy says hello to you and you feel uncomfortable, you don’t have to acknowledge him; you can walk away without looking at the guy and no one would judge you. But, that doesn’t give you the right to automatically assume that he’s a pig or a pervert.

In the video, the majority of men were pigs, constantly harassing and making sexual comments at the woman. Although there were a few men who just happened to say hello and are automatically assumed creepy (take a look at the video if you don’t believe me). There are appropriate and inappropriate ways to come and approach a woman, but if he’s just saying hi, you don’t have to run away in fear.

If he follows you or says something to make you feel uncomfortable, then that’s harassment.

Have you ever took the second to wonder why some men catcall at women?

Catcalling is a way for a man to feel dominant. They want to feel like they have some kind of power over the woman and take away their voice. Another reason men catcall is because they picked it up from a friend, family member or coworker.

One other horrific reason men catcall: some women actually enjoy being catcalled. Although it’s a small percentage, there are women out there who love being whistled at because they feel empowered by catching a man’s attention. Since some woman have the nerve and the low self-esteem to turn around to positively acknowledge and enjoy their disgusting comments, they figure it might work again on other women.

If you honestly believe this video is going to change a man’s perspective on catcalling, you’re wrong. Just because a video went viral to show how disgusting some men are when it comes to speaking to a woman doesn’t mean things are going to automatically and instantly change.

Ladies, it’s up to us to teach them.

If you’re being catcalled while you’re walking to work or school or wherever, we cannot be afraid to speak up. Men who catcall other women want them to feel inferior and just quietly and quickly walk away. Flip them the bird and tell them to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

Never ever make a man, or anyone for that matter, make you feel inferior.

Women want to be treated as equals, yet if we’re constantly afraid of being catcalled every second of every day, we’ll never be equal to men. Do the world a favor and teach your nephew, son, cousin, brother, uncle, friend or whoever the appropriate way to approach a woman. Explain to them how uncomfortable catcalling makes a woman and that no woman wants to be treated like a piece of meat. We can’t just assume men will stop catcalling because of this video.

Let’s stop complaining and start fixing.

And that is how you solve a problem like Maria.