Is Earth The Love Child of Sun and Moon?

Is Earth The Love Child of Sun and Moon?

Living on Earth is expensive, but it does include a free trip around the Sun.

We are held in perfect balance between the Sun and Moon. The Moon orbits the Earth, and the Earth orbits the Sun. The Sun rises in the east and sets in the west. The Moon rises and sets too, it just takes 29 days to complete this cycle.  The Moon creates the tide, an orchestration of push and pulls, and the Sun warms our planet.

These two sources of light fuel our spiritual power, essence of being and illuminate our very existence. Life is but a dance, between these two, on the scale of balance. The key is to feel the alignment and find balance with them every day.

In the morning, we wake up to a new day; a new opportunity. The Sun rises, heating up our windows ever so slightly. As the day ascends, a mixture of thick and stretched clouds come and go in the sky. A warming breeze stirs the activity of man and nature. As the day wanes, a multitudinous water color paints the sky, and dusk arrives. We slowly recognize the moon, illuminating the path for the night, surrounded by company of the stars.

Our lives and experiences follow a cycle too, like the push and pull of the tide. We experience changing seasons as they happen, and are bound by their vibrancy and guidance. Yes, there is the man-madeness of the natural world, but we are more than body – we are spirit. If we have a grasp on the natural occurrences of the world, we can understand the ways of the universe better, pillaging through reality while gleaming in happiness.

There is so much to learn from the very delight of existence.

The Sun and Moon stay the same. They physically move, but are true to their core. However, the way we see them changes because our perspectives are constantly changing. We will never be in the exact same place twice in our lives. We see different faces of the moon and phases of the moon.  Like any situation life deals out, some things just cant be changed, but what can be changed is the way we view it and our perspective. In that transition, unclear ideas may become more translucent and increase our emotional understanding.

It’s the perfect balance of the two, that generate life on Earth. They cannot exist together and without one another. They take turns ruling the sky, and sometimes the give and take varies. There are only a few guarantees in life but we know the moon will always rise and the sun will always set. Forward movement is mandatory in our lives, and one of the only things we rarely have a say in.

In every relationship there is a give and take. The Sun and Moon reflect this behavior, and Earth beings practice this through our free will and human relationships.

Nature can be inspiring. Every day is a new day, and that we can depend on. The sun will always shine and introduce rejuvenation into our lives so we must capitalize on the engulfing brightness and the existing presence. If nothing in our lives ever change, we would have the next Sun and Moon to look forward to.

The relationship between the Sun and Moon and shows us that we can’t take each day for granted, it must be treated like a present because it is a gift. The gift of life on Earth is a beautiful privilege that can be revoked at any given moment without prior notice, or slowly and deliberately unclutched out of your hand, seeping through the gaps in between your fingers.

Just like you sleep every night without putting any thought into it, or look upwards without thinking about the long process it takes to birth a day, understand that a lot is going on beneath the surface. Remember who you are, and all that is to account for that. Give yourself more credit than you deserve and be kind to others, just as the Sun and Moon learn to share the sky.

Remember why you’re here and what you have to offer this world. I can’t even begin to guess what alluring talent or gift is craving to escape, blossom, and become public to the outside world, shared with others. The Sun and Moon have allowed us to keep up, on Earth.

Once in a while when you’re outside, take your shoes off, get barefoot and revel in the feeling of dirt in between your toes. You are a flower, open up your pores and breathe.

Naturally acknowledge the transition of day and night.