Circles, Change and Cleansing


“When ego is lost, limit is lost. You become infinite, kind and beautiful.” – Yogi Bhajan

Over three weeks ago, confetti rained down declaring a new year in order. Finally, the new year hangover is wearing down, but it is never too late to relish in the thought of a clean slate and changing forms.

The continuation of time requires check-ins and updates. Sometimes life isn’t black or white or one’s and zero’s. But, that is how we perceive it and morph into something that we can understand as human beings. Like computers, sometimes we need a reboot, a restart, or an update.

That is the beauty of seasons, cycles, endings and new beginnings.

Beliefs are important, that is how one’s reality is shaped. But don’t be afraid to pivot, and if you want, start a New Year’s resolution.

The physical body experiences sleep, awake time, breathing and cell reproduction. Plants experience seeding, watering, photosynthesis, respiration and growth. The natural world endures seasons, as well as the transfer of light to dark and dark to light.

Cycles are everywhere – within oneself and occupying the environment internally and externally. If we are more in tune with our environment we will work together more harmoniously to create the outcomes that we want for ourselves. Harness those objectives and focus on the process.

In accomplishing these goals, we want for ourselves and our lives, we must move from ego to spirit. Sometimes you get to a difficult point and you have to decide whether you will wallow in pity or transcend into a new direction for your story. Self guided actions will allow you to make actions that create a section for other people’s perspectives and partnerships, while accomplishing your own goals and let you to be your own hero. True communication with yourself will put you in good spirit with those around you and acting out in this harmony will empower you to achieve your goals.

The ego isn’t bad, but can be misguided. The ego is there to protect us, but usually acts in selfish, unhealthy ways that takes up control.

If you are wondering if something you’re doing is right or wrong with a concern of your image, your ego is acting out with a need for approval. There is a natural desire to be loved, but your ego is stopping you in doing so. Let go of your need for approval, because the only approval you need is from yourself and your spirit. Align with your higher self, and those genuine feelings will set you free and lend the approval you always needed but were getting from the wrong place. The same goes for the feeling of control, so return to the basics of love and compassion.

In the first phase of personal inner growth we adapt to our surroundings to be accepted as youth. Our minds take mold and our egos begin to take direction. It takes a lot of personal work to figure out who you are. It’s one of those ideas where we want the outcome but may not necessarily be willing to put in the work to get there because it isn’t easy by any means.

In the process of our personal development journey we are bound to get pushed around and, unfortunately naturally authorize these negative outcomes to taint our perspectives on similar future experiences and our relationships.

“Life is a journey with problems to solve, lessons to learn but most of the time experiences to enjoy.”  

When we learn the way one situation works, it’s easy to say that it would always be like that. Closing ourselves off to experiencing the other outcomes would be the worst things possible. Instead, we should be trying to find the out liars and other (positive or negative) outcomes to expand the way we see the original experience. There is no failure, only a lesson learned because in that way, there is movement. Don’t let past experiences dictate new ones. Sometimes the only way of getting out of a bad situation, is making your way through it.

We are here to experience and develop nurturing relationships with our higher self, ultimately to find our purpose.

Accept, let go and move forward. The cycle of acceptance.

If we let go of our egos we can let go of those who hurt us, and learn to forgive ourselves. This idea is two fold, its removes negativity and creates a space for more healthy, positive relationships. The truth always sets you free, debatable with police but always with yourself. We are not just our achievements, our possessions, and jobs or homes. Seek joy in what you have and who you are. Lastly, practice gratitude.

“It’s not happy people who are thankful; it’s thankful people who are happy.” – Unknown