Should I Mention Valentine’s Day?

Should I Mention Valentines Day?

Valentine’s Day is finally here, and for many couples it is a special occasion, while for others… it could get rocky.

As much as some women try to play it off and claim Valentine’s Day is no big deal, in the back of our heads it is because we expect some effort to be put in. Truth be told, I think even if a guy isn’t a big fan of this holiday he could do something as simple as cooking dinner, or using this opportunity to spend some quality time together.

Advertisements have made Valentine’s Day a big holiday to celebrate love for one another by pushing expensive dinners or booking a hotel for a romantic weekend away. I may only be speaking for certain women, but for Valentine’s Day, I still do not expect for my significant other to go all out by spending a huge amount of money on this day.

Let’s talk about how you handle this holiday if you’re just starting to get to know someone. Do you just pass on February 14? Do you mention it and do something for one another? Should I expect something? All these questions start to circulate and what I am left with is stress.

I personally did not plan anything this year because I was not talking to anyone, but as everyone knows, people come into your life unexpectedly. I met this great guy (Maybe for the next column I’ll tell you how we met) but we have not been talking for long. So in my head, I am trying to ask myself whether I should mention Valentine’s Day or just let it be and see if he does something for us.

However, throughout my years of dating, guys aren’t very receptive to hints or beating around the bush. I’ve learned to be straightforward with them and let things turn out how they’re supposed to.

Here I am though, having yet to mention how we should approach this holiday. For our first date, he went all out and since then we have been showing equal interest in each other, but we also agreed to take things slow and just figure it out as time passes by. Again, here I am asking myself all of these questions and driving myself insane when I could simply just ask him, right?

So, I decided to ask him because what did I have to lose? Now, one thing to know about me is that I am not a fan of expressing my feelings. I’ve always found it awkward, but I did it and it went pretty well—he expressed his feelings towards me.

I wrote this because it’s not just about the holiday that happens to be in the middle of this month, it’s about speaking and communicating to your partner if something is bothering you. Relationships can be challenging sometimes, but if you have a strong bond and proper communication then you will be able to understand each other and make the relationship even stronger.

In the end, we agreed not to do anything big for V-Day since we have not been dating for long and still have much to learn about each, but we remain excited at the prospect of getting to know each other more as time progresses. 

Although, today is Valentine’s Day we are not spending time together until tomorrow. I am excited to see what he has planned since I always tell him joking around how I expect him to think outside the box. I mean if he’s truly into you then he will show you through actions and words.