Food Industry Profiting from Lies


Health and wellness have become a trend lately especially with the millennials. Ask yourself how many people actually read the nutrition label? Then let’s look at the food industry and the millions of food options we have to choose from. Whole Foods itself has been doing well in the market due to their definition of quality ingredients and as many know they have been bought from Amazon to make it available for their clients to get fresh produce right at their door.


Truth is as much as people try to research the ingredients their food contains there still is not a confirmation that the nutrition label contains all ingredients actually being used to produce the product. According to CNN, only 60% reported using the nutrition facts to choose the food they buy. But when it comes to the food industry it can be tricky due to the idea that if it says less fat or contains the word diet then many would assume it is a good thing. Products for example cream cheese there is a “less fat” product but it is actually worse than the regular product. Many do not know that because it takes much research to understand what the wise choice is to make when it comes to food, especially with a hundred different brands of food there is at grocery markets.


There is also the misconception of eating carbohydrates is considered as a bad thing and people cut that out of their diet now. Then there is the famous term seen as the enemy, calories and for a few years now people tend to watch the numbers on what they eat but do not have a complete understanding.


For years there has been much controversy of people dieting and the different types of diets there are. Though diets should not be considered overall as a bad image there are also some diet plans that do more harm than good because the body needs its nutrients to balance well.


I had the opportunity to chat with Richard Scranton who has been a nutrition and fitness coach for over 16 years. He has created a plan called “Power of Real Food” and the goal of this plan is to lose mid-section. What I admired throughout the whole conversation was the passion he had and how he only wants to help people gain more knowledge when it comes to choosing what the right food works for them.


“Food is the main source of how your body reacts.”


In high school, we did not pay as much attention to what we eat until college and it could be because there was not much to go by and health and wellness were not trendy. Now since many people do try to eat well and see what they put in their body there’s an issue how colleges do not offer many options for healthy meals.


“It’s about the quality of food and how you balance how much you eat.”


Richard Scranton went into detail about how whole foods does sell quality food and ingredients but has anyone noticed they have a food bar? On the labels, it does not contain the exact ingredients used to make the dish. A market that is known for its quality food chooses to not show what are in the dishes they make for the homemade meal bar?


When it comes to trusting brands and companies it becomes difficult to trust due to businesses the main goal is to raise sales and secondly could be the loyalty they have with their consumers.


“I created this plan to help clients understand that you don’t have to eat less to lose weight.”


It can be challenging for college students to eat quality food when there are not many options to choose from. This is where the schools should step up and create a homemade bar and mention the specific ingredients used to make a dish because everything we put in our body has a form of reaction.


As young adults, we have chaotic schedules and sometimes we skip meals thinking it will not affect us but it does us more harm than good. If you count the number of calories you have eaten it can then go in one direction or another. Once you decide to overeat and over exercise to lose those numbers then we go back to the same progress from the beginning when you have perhaps those lazy days off.


We need to gain knowledge in what the right balance is for you. Everyone is different some probably will have to cut more carbohydrates than others but numbers will not help with achieving the goal.


Though the plan Richard Scranton created is not made specifically for college students who dorm.

He was very willing to help anyone who is interested in becoming healthy for themselves. “Power of Real Fo

od” is available for anyone who wants to achieve a new resolution for themselves.