Social Media Impacts Dating


Being a millennial there are so many pros and cons about this generation and most of it have to do because of social media and the ways it has impacted our lives. Dating wise it is not easy because people have started this perception of what a relationship should be by posting insta-worthy pictures and using the hashtag #relationshipgoals. Some people probably make it a priority in making sure they get those perfect pictures to post on their social media and everyone could easily think that these couples are perfect. Social media is an easy tool to fool people because no one knows what happens in reality but what is being captured only.

In high school, I got into a relationship with someone because I thought everyone is dating someone so why do I not have a boyfriend yet? Long story short that relationship was a huge mistake and though I usually do not regret the good or bad choices I’ve made this one will always be something I regret. At that time instead of focusing on what people thought of me, I should have been focused on myself completely and enjoy my senior year with friends. I think back and laugh because I was really manipulated by strangers from social media.

When I started college I was still dealing with a heartbreak so I was not dating until my sophomore year. Slowly adult life starts to sneak up on you as time goes by and you become this busy person who’s trying to get their life together. Still, I made some time to date and meet new people and when I ended up meeting someone who wanted a serious relationship I drifted away. As much as people want to lie to themselves and say their relationship is not a distraction to their professional life, in reality, it is because your significant other becomes a priority. When I drifted away and we stopped talking eventually I questioned myself and sat down in my car with the view of the Long Island Sound trying to put my thoughts together if I really do not want to date someone or perhaps I did not want to date him. One thing about me is that I over think about this stuff because I need to understand and get a sense as to why I am acting a certain way.

My schedule has been pretty hectic for the past year with traveling back and forth home and it mentally exhausts you that I try to enjoy my alone time whenever I can to keep myself sane. With that being said I do not think I would be able to handle dating someone serious right now because there is a lot of change happening soon. Then again life surprises you with the different people you meet and never know what it could lead.

At the beginning of the year, I met a great guy and we connected instantly because of how much we are alike and let me say that it is difficult for me to connect with a guy because they expect to date, non-party girls. We are sort of on the same boat with trying to get our lives together and move out of our parents’ house and it has made it difficult to see each other because we work a lot and our schedules collide with one another. After several weeks of dating we ended up agreeing to stay as friends for now and we do not talk as much anymore but I have not taken it personally since we ended it on good terms. In those few weeks we were able to be together I will always cherish because it was such a different experience.