Perks of Being Fun-Sized


Tara Geigel, Staff Writer

Perks of being fun sized.

I used to hate my height of only five feet. My younger sister towers over me and I’m usually trying to avoid breaking my neck when I look up to speak to her. It’s usually a pain to use chairs or climb on counters to get what I need. And don’t get me started when it comes to being ID’d. Being short makes me look younger than what I am so my younger sister automatically looks like the older one. (Shortness= perpetual youth!) Plus, if I go to a concert, the chances of me seeing anything is usually slim to none.

Those are just a few of the many moments where I wish I was slightly taller.

But I realized recently that I should embrace my short stature. It’s not all that bad down here.

I could squeeze myself through crowds better than anyone I know. Hiding options are endless in case a burglar comes to my house. I could curl up anywhere and watch Netflix and drink my vanilla soy latte and not be in anyone’s way.

Growing up, I couldn’t wait to get taller. But as my friends started to sprout, I was hanging down here. I would constantly get mistaken for being younger and was never taken seriously. I felt that my stature would limit me from doing certain things but I learned over the years it hasn’t.

There are plenty of blogs about embracing your height. Some are quite comical on how they describe the disadvantages of being short. Being used as an armrest for our taller friends isn’t that amusing.

So to my fellow short people, embrace it!