5 Steps To A Positive Mind

5 Steps To A Positive Mind

Kimberly Franco, Staff Writer

Your mind is the key understanding everything in life. Let me give you the power to get everything that you ever wanted by first controlling your mind. The power of positive thinking can change your world. It has changed my worlds immensely. Today I will share with you 5 simple steps to create a positive mind set. I will also show you how to use negative thinking as an assignment. How to use negative thinking to help you become more positive. You will learn to be positive about Solutions. You can be in the negative situation but look at the positive outcome from the negativity. If you go into this full heartedly it will change your life. But you have to fully commit. That means if within 3 days of doing this you feel extremely negative. You must start over. For a fact before the week is up a lot of negative things will pop up to challenge you to see if you really are committed to this new way of thinking. So be ready because it is not easy but it will be completely worth it. After 7 days you feel like a different person people around you will treat you like a different person as well. All you are trying to do is develop it new way of thinking.

Step #1: Decide to develop the habit of focusing on what’s right in your world instead of what’s wrong.

The habit of focusing on what you do have instead of what you don’t have. As basic as that is and as well as you know it, you have to make it a habit. Habits form a chain of your ultimate character. We have to learn to condition ourselves because if we don’t you will live in the automatic state that most people live in, in today’s society. To start a habit you must go on a mental diet. Challenge yourself, if you can really truly for 7 days live without one negative thought. Don’t just say you will do it or you can do it think for a while before you commit to this. Don’t do this unless you really are going to do it for 7 days straight. This does not mean you don’t have a negative thought. It means if you have a negative thought you just don’t speak it. You replace it or you put it aside. And if you do speak it, take it back say “I didn’t mean to say that what I meant to say was…”(something positive) Focus on something good. You don’t allow yourself to hold a negative thought for longer than a few seconds. Keep it up for 7 straight days even when it get tough, even when someone disappoints you, even when you give it your all and it ends up lousy. You are trying to break a pattern of thinking.


Step #2: Instead of judging yourself and others decide to become curious.

When you feel yourself judging someone negatively instead ask a question “why is this person doing what they do?” What makes this person act this way? Why would this person do what they are doing at this moment?” Often times people do things because they are hurt or they have been not cared about for so long that they’re acting out for attention. There are reasons for madness. Also many times when you’re judging people you’re actually judging yourself. It also makes it a lot easier for you to look at your flaws while you look at other people’s flaws.

Step #3: Appreciate more even the negative.

Appreciate all the good things you have in your life but also appreciate what is going wrong. Many times things that are going wrong so better things could happen. When you fail and try again you often come up with a better strategy. The more times you fail, the better your strategy becomes. You never failure unless you stop trying. Sometimes we have to appreciate the bad as well. Without the bad you wouldn’t be the person you are today. Without the bad you would have never learned life’s most important lessons. Seeing what you don’t have can be useful too. Then you can strive to get the things that you do want. What is the situation giving me? What is the situation not giving me? What is good about the situation? What is not so good about the situation? Being more inquisitive allows you to understand your world and get more out of it. Find out what’s working and be critical enough to appreciate what is not working.


Step #4: Decide that you are not perfect.

Sometimes we are the hardest on ourselves. But when we strive to be to be so perfect we end up seeing all of our flaws. We end up feeling less than perfect. We end up stressed out. Relax you’re doing the best you can. If you can’t take it easy on yourself then who else will? You are a human being. That means sometimes you fall short what you say you are about. When you try to be the best you notice what is not perfect and that creates pain. You’re going to screw up. But where do you go from there, that is what is important. Realize that you’re not perfect but you are good and what makes you good. Once you see what is good you will get better. Your goal each day should be to be better than the day before.

Step #5: Decide to develop the habit of using the F word Faith

Positive thinking really is just the power to believe. To believe and know that you can do whatever you strive to do. As you believe those things are done on to you. You have to create a certainty behind yourself. You and I both know that there will be times when life looks Grim but as long as you have that power of faith you know that you will get through it. Use faith and step forward to put yourself on the line and have the courage to overcome your fears and to take action even though it may not work out even though it may not be reciprocated because if you don’t that’s the only way that you will fail. Have faith that this too will pass. You have made it this far you have been through way worse you are unstoppable. You’ve made it through so much already you can get through this too. Faith is the ultimate power.


Fear is away of thinking. When you learn that and when you control your thinking, great things start happening. The only thing that holds you back is your thinking.