The Art of Procrastinating


A deadline can sit on your heart like a 600 pound gorilla who is pounding at its chest demanding you to get to work. But procrastination melts into your skin and seeps down into every cell. The relax frequency goes off in the brain and distractions pop up like kids in their costumes on Halloween. But the gorilla won’t leave you alone. The constant pounding gets louder and louder every minute. However right before the clock runs out, you race to meet your deadline just as Cinderella got home before the clock struck midnight.

Does the pressure make you better or worst?

It is true that deadlines put your goal into a time frame. This time frame allows you to create vision. The vision allows you to create a plan. The plan is a step to creating a goal into a reality. So deadlines are really a motivation to get things done. It makes your goal into a reality vs. just worlds or ideas.

Don’t get me wrong. I understand what it’s like to be comfortable. Comfort is the true reason behind not reaching deadlines. It’s like your mind wants you to get up and start but your body tells you just relax. You can do this tomorrow, then tomorrow comes and this repeats until tomorrow becomes the deadline day.

Now the pressure is on. You skim through research and write down quick notes to mix everything together, barely catching your breath. Your heart starts pumping and when all is said and done you are kind of impressed with your ability to come up with all this work on the spot.

However, you turn your work in and you now see that maybe it could have been better, maybe I could of added this and taken away that.  I could have done it this way and not that way and try this but you can’t. You rushed. You got lazy. It’s your fault. Oh well you say. People are creatures of habit and this is just a habitual act you have been doing, almost as if it were an art form.

You have the full power to change your procrastination habits. Comfort is what makes the cashier that works at burger king for 20 years still that same cashier. This person got wrapped up in their comfort and settled with the same position. This person became entrenched with a gridlock career. It was the comfort of a stable pay and easy job that kept them going. Will you have the same procrastination habits for the next 20 years?

Waiting until the last minute create a type of drama in your life. Maybe people wait for the added pressure to end things for the excitement. In reality life can become repetitive. Sometimes people get sick of the same old flavors. So people look for a little spice to mix things up. Is procrastination your chili powder?

Perhaps people are slothful and simply lack motivation. Could it be that the pressure of the world causes people to need a break? The reasons to procrastinate can go on forever. The truth of the matter is if you procrastinate, the amount of work you have to do will not change.

In fact it piles up your work and makes you feel overwhelmed.

It may even stop you from completing your work because you feel so much stress. Hiding from your problems never make them any better. It makes you childish. Children run away and avoid problems and adults faces their problems head on and their work. The ability to face your issues and look them dead in the eye is mature and classy.

Procrastination hits us all differently. Sometimes a little break is exactly what one needs. Sometimes people need to walk away from an issue for a while to understand it better. It can allow a person to think differently or think more about the issue or work.

You can now see things with a fresh pair of eyes. But it is essential to get back to your work or issue. Don’t let procrastination get the best of you. The clock is always ticking and time is always being wasted and once that time has gone you can never get it back. The time you waste procrastinating you would have been able to practice more or got the work done ahead of time. It is time that you could have made an idea better. Time is a terrible thing to waste, so stop procrastinating already and get to work!

Next time procrastination starts to sink in, shake it off. Tap into your focus and allow it to be the repellent to procrastination and all of its sneaky ways. Get the work done. Whatever it maybe and be proud of yourself. Choose a different art form and let that gorilla relax and eat his banana for once. Put up that firewall and let those pesky distraction pop-ups never flood your mind.

Only you can stop your procrastination.