The Art Of Writing.


People don’t often associate writing with art. However, I believe writers are true artists. It takes a lot to use words properly and effectively. Often a person’s favorite author has a particular set of skills to jump start an imagination. A good author takes the readers mind on a joy ride, fastening their seatbelt, driving them and parking at the front door of imagination land. Writers often use colorful language to get points and images across. To a writer words are the breath of life.


Words hold so much power. A writer’s choice of words can take a sentient from good to mind blowing. The words a person says, does, writes and thinks can change the world. Especially in the instant communication based world we live in today. Words can affect people in different ways. It is important to understand the full effect of your words. The way a person speaks, can shape their future and the future of those around them. The past has a way of coming back to haunt a person or the future generations.

Writers of the past impacted the way we write and speak today. The bible one of the first books published has changed and influenced the lives of generation after generation. The words in that book carry weight. It carried out a message that can still be beneficial to the people of today. A person may never know the people they touch with their words. A good writer takes on the responsibility of the word bearer, the communicator of a message and the impact that message may have on the people of today and the people of the future.


Writing can be an expression of one’s self. It can allow one to voice their opinion and communicate to others effectively what is on their mind. It can be a pure outlet for thoughts. Writing can be a self-therapy. Writing is a way to send a message out into the world. The people of today and tomorrow can benefit from a person’s writing. Writing is a place to let your imagination run wild. A person can create their own world or to think in their own unique way with writing. It is how a person stays free and how they own their individuality.

Writing should be joyful, however most college student would argue that it is an irritating chore. I believe it’s because the perspective of those students has been distorted. This distortion maybe due to our fast paced world. Now in days reading and writing is unimaginable, unless it’s on social media.  This summer I wanted to escape my life for a while and took myself to the local library. Upon me telling my friends I was there, they replied in disbelief. In my opinion it’s sad that in a time where information is at our finger tips people would rather watch cat videos, then truly express themselves in a positive outlet. Every moment in history has been written down or recorded. This is a way for the future to look back. This tool has changed the way humans, think and the way we will think.


Being a writer also allows a person to be vulnerable and open to interpretation. People have different ways of viewing things. In conclusion everyone’s a critic. As long as people have opinions they will voice them. Even if they don’t voice them to the writer, they are telling someone.  However, that’s just it, it’s only an opinion. It’s just a thought and verbalizing that thought to the writer not to hunt them but to allow them to get better. Criticism is just thoughts, feelings, ideas and a form of expression of what one thinks of a writer’s work.

It can be taken or not listened too. Some will like your work others will not. One must learn that they can’t please them all. They can only please themselves and try to get better every time. One person’s opinion of your work should never brake you. Learn to agree to disagree and walk away. When you start to feel offended, try to steer the conversation somewhere else. One should take in what the critics say and grab out what one feels will help and let go of what hurts.  Most likely a person will do as they please anyway. So don’t sweat the critics. Everything is not for everyone.


Often times one can get lazy after working so hard. It’s best to let go of ones writing for a while and get back later with a fresh pair of eyes. Editing allows a person to pick up on their problems and make them better. Also sometimes we can be so attached to a piece of writing that one gets lost in it and cannot see their own flaws. A person can ask a friend to read over their work. However sometimes friends can be biased, or not perfect at spelling and reading.

The its time to look for professional help. That’s when editors come to the rescue. Editors can play a large role in helping a person writing seem perfect. They often pick up on the mistakes that a person couldn’t see for themselves. Don’t mistake the editor as the person to finish your work for you. Also editors are just there to help a person with minor issues, take pride in your work and go over your writing a few times for yourself.

Writing can be a true art form and there are so many style and genres in writing. Dance with the pen and allow your mind to take the lead on the page. Play with your words and allow the best puzzle pieces find its perfect spot. Swim into the river of consciousness and drive into a powerful, impactful message for you.  Pour out your heart on your paper canvas and illustrate your hope and dreams. Let your secrets seep into the pages and lock up the key. Make writing your own and talk back the power in your words. Have fun with your writing it was made for you to enjoy! Remember the beauty and fulfillment in your form of art!