New York Jets vs Miami Dolphins Game Review


Matt Simms got the call as the QB after halftime

For the third consecutive week in a row, the Jets offense failed to impress. In a game that most would agree was a must win for the Jets, they fell well short of expectations. The Miami Dolphins took advantage of the Jets offensive woes all day long, and made the Jets fight for every single yard they gained.  In previous games against the Ravens and the Bills, the Jets also had offensive issues, but this week against the Dolphins may have been the worst performance yet.  Geno Smith and the Jets offense seemed to have issues completing a single pass.  Early on in the game, on third down Smith had wide receiver David Nelson wide open twenty yards down the field on the right sideline, but Smith’s pass was inaccurate and landed well out of bounds out of Nelson’s reach. While Smith struggled, the offensive line has also had its share of issues. In my opinion, the offensive line is the main reason for the Jets offensive struggles. Early in the year, the line was giving Geno Smith plenty of time in the pocket, but at this point in the season, it seems the young QB is constantly being pressured by the defense.

Health has also been an issue for the Jets offense. Wide receivers Santonio Holmes and Jeremy Kerley have been dealing with injuries, and it is quite obvious that the Jets miss them badly on the field. While Holmes was in uniform against the Dolphins, he only played three snaps, and it was clear that he was not anywhere near healthy. Kerley on the other hand has note suited up in three weeks, but it on track to return Sunday vs the Raiders, which is music to Geno Smith’s ears.

Coming out of halftime, the Jets decided to make a change at quarterback. The Jets decided to use Matt Simms at QB, and sit Smith. While I understand the reasoning for the move, I do not agree with it. Simms is a quality backup quarterback, but I do not think at this point in his career that he is ready to play just yet in the NFL.  In the league, rookies are going to have ups and downs. Right now, Geno Smith has hit a rough patch, but in my opinion, with the offensive line struggling, and the wide receivers dealing with injuries, sitting Smith did not do much good for the team, or for his learning. Rex Ryan did announce that Smith will start Sunday vs the Raiders, which I believe is the right move.

The Jets defense gave up 23 points, but to blame them for the loss is simply unfair. The defense was on the field for way to long, and it was obvious they were getting tired as the game went on. The Jets defensive line is arguably the best in the league. This group has wrecked havoc on QB’s and RB’s all year long, and the future is bright for this group. While the D-line was strong, the secondary struggled. Dee Milliner and Antonio Cromartie did not have good games, and this seems to be a trend for the Jets corners. Cromartie has been dealing with a hip and knee injuries all year, and Milliner is a rookie who is still trying to get used to the NFL. Another issue has been the safety play. An issue many fans have is the lack of playing time for Antonio Allen. Ever since the arrival of Ed Reed, the promising young rookie has not played nearly as much. Allen needs to get on the field to help the Jets secondary issues.

The Jets still have a shot at making the playoffs, but their hopes took a big blow in their loss last week. This weeks game against the Raiders is a must win for the Jets to keep their slime hopes alive.