Michael Vick in, Mark Sanchez out

Michael Nash, Sports Editor

The National Football League is a wild business.

There is no other way to put it. Lets go back to 2011, at this time Jets QB Mark Sanchez was in the process of leading Gang Green to their second consecutive AFC Championship game, all of this happening just three years after he was drafted sixth overall by the Jets  out of USC. Now in 2014, Sanchez is a free agent looking for a job again after being released just last week by the Jets.

Also in 2011, QB Michael Vick was still trying to change his image after serving 23 months in jail for his role in a dog fighting operation.  Vick was the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, but people were still not over what he had done just four years ago while a member of the Atlanta Falcons. Before he went to jail, Vick was always talked about for the things he did on the football field, but after he was arrested, it seemed all people talked about was what he had done off it.  Remember how I said the NFL was a crazy business? Well just minutes after releasing Mark Sanchez, the New York Jets signed Michael Vick to a one year deal for 4 million dollars.

After four tumultuous years filled with up and downs, the Jets parted ways with Mark Sanchez. Sanchez had many strong moments in 2009-2011 for the Jets, but the last few years were very disappointing. With Geno Smith starting all 16 games last season, it was time for the Jets and Sanchez to move on.

Off the field incidents aside, Michael Vick was the best free agent quarterback available on the market this off-season. After getting injured early on in the 2013 season, Vick lost his starting job to youngster Nick Foles. With Foles being the starter, it was evident that the Eagles and Vick were about to part ways.

Once the Jets made the signing of Vick official, many fans were not happy with the move. Some felt the Jets should have kept Sanchez, and some felt that Vick did not deserve to be on an NFL team, even after serving his time for the crime he committed. I will say this, What Michael Vick did was simply horrific and disturbing, but I feel everyone deserves a second chance. If Vick came out of jail and was still getting into legal issues, then I would totally understand people not wanting him in the league, but Vick has done the complete opposite. Vick has donated millions of dollars to many dog and animal organizations, and has completely turned his life around. Vick was looked at as a leader on the Eagles, even though he did not play majority of the season.  In my opinion, I bet if you ask Vick today, he will 100% agree that what he did was wrong, and will take full responsibility for it. While many may disagree, this is why i feel Vick deserves to be in the NFL.

Vick will be competing with second year QB Geno Smith for the starting QB job. I feel that it is Geno’s job to lose, but having Vick will really push Smith, and make the young QB better. If Smith gets injured, or struggles, the Jets have the option to bring in a proven veteran in Vick who can create plays with both is arm, and his legs.

All in all, the Jets got better at the QB position when they released Mark Sanchez, and signed Michael Vick.  I for one, am looking forward to seeing Vick and his all black visor in the Green and White, and no, I am not talking about the Eagles.