Wear Medal and You Won’t Stink


If you were to meet me, what is the first thing you’ll notice? Well, starting from the top of my head, you’ll notice is my natural, curly hair. Than, you’ll notice my naturally green eyes. Than, you’ll notice everything else. But there is one thing you won’t notice, something that hides underneath my clothes. That is my irritated, swollen, scarred, discolored arm pits. This irritation isn’t due to any rash or skin disease. It is due to the ever-praised antiperspirant, other wised called deodorant.

You may be thinking, “Well, if your deodorant is causing all those things to your pits, change your deodorant!” However, it is not that simple. You see, one of the reasons my pits are like this is because of the ingredients. One of them being aluminum. Yes, I said aluminum, as in the medal.

The aluminum is used because it causes your skin to swell, pitching your sweat glands, and stopping the moister from secreting. Now, I know that society promotes dry pits. However, sweat is necessary to not only cool down, it allows relieve to your body. If there is no relief, and no cooling of your body, your armpits go into stress. But aluminum isn’t the only ingredient that can harm.

Antiperspirants also contain Phthalates. This ingredient is a man made chemical/compound that is made to make plastic flexible and harder to break (It is also used in some cosmetics by the way.) If it hardens plastic, imagine what its doing to your pits.

Want to know a solution to avoid the chemicals?


One of the most popular natural deodorants I have come into contact with is this deodorant called Primal Pit Paste (PPP). PPP can be a in the form of paste that you have to rub on. Some comes as a normal deodorant. Also, it comes into levels. So if you have sensitive skin, or tougher skin, this deodorant caters to you. Now, it does have baking soda and your skin may react oddly for the first few days, but that is your pits detoxing and adjusting to the baking soda. Your pits will return to its normally looking pit very soon!

Another deodorant is this stone called Thai Deodorant Crystal. This is a crystal that you have to get wet and rub on. Unfortunately, the downfall is that you have to let it air dry before putting on your clothes. A friend of mine, who uses the stone, said that her husband also uses it for his stinky feet. He’ll wet the stone and rub it on his feet and let it dry. He also uses it to get rid of the smell inside his shoes. He’ll break a piece of the stone, let it dissolved, then drop his shoes in there for a few minutes.

Lastly, you can make your own. One of the recipes that I’ve looked into is baking soda, cornstarch, and coconut oil. Other ingredients call for coconut butter and essential oils. However, homemade deodorants may work for people who don’t sweat a lot. However, if you sweat a lot, than this may not be able to work. If you’re interested in this form of deodorant, do a test trial and see if it works for you.

The benefits of the PPP and the homemade deodorant are the ingredient coconut oil. The coconut oil is anti-bacterial. So your pits won’t smell. All in all, you’ll relieve your pits, you wont stress your skin and you won’t be stinky.

Soo instead of wearing medal and hardening your skin, so you don’t sweat, how about wearing your sweat instead.