L.O.C it Down

The LOC methods explained

L.O.C it Down

I found that many natural hair care products come not only with the standard shampoo and conditioner. Many of them come with moisturizers, oils, sprays, creams, deep conditioners, etc. Being that my life is in a constant state of budgeting, I always wonder, do I need to buy all of these and why is it so much in one line? Can’t I just buy one leave in product and be done? I recently learned why. These products are following the LOC method.

The LOC method is one of three methods of moisturizing your hair. What is the LOC method? Well, it is a three step process.

  1. Liquid or Leave-in
    1. This is when you use a water base product or leave in conditioner. I normally just leave my hair wet from out the shower and than use the next product.
  2. Oil
    1. This is to add oil that is normally washed away, wiped away, or weathered away. The most popular oil is Coconut oil because of the growth properties in it. However, I also heard that Peppermint oil is great because it rejuvenates the scalp and, like coconut, promotes hair growth.
  3. Cream
    1. The cream is to seal in the moister. Most of the time, it is a light weight cream and doesn’t hold back any volume from your hair.

There is two other variations to this:

  1. L.C.O
    1. Liquid or leave in
    2. Cream
    3. Oil
  2. L.O.C.O
    1. Liquid or leave in
    2. Oil
    3. Cream
    4. Oil

These variations are usually for your hair type of how dry your hair is. Now, while I use the LCO method, most of the time, let me tell you why all three methods are amazing, and it only includes one word.


These methods are usually targeted for people who have natural hair types 4a, 4b, and 4c (you can know what type of hair you have here.) However, I have hair type 3c and still worry about my hairs moisture, so I use a variation of the LOC method. These methods are said to add moisture because the liquid/leave in, as well as the oil of your choosing, will provide you with enough moisture to last until your next wash day and its true! Let me tell you why it works.

First, the liquid or leave in. Being that I use liquid (water), I’ll explain that one first. I prefer liquid because both hair and skin is more receptive when wet. With that being said, when stepping out the shower with your hair wet will make your hair more manageable and more receiving of the products. The leave in conditioner does the same thing. I don’t necessarily prefer this method because the cream in combination, i feel, weighs your hair down and to much product in your hair isn’t all that great.

Second, the oil. If your using a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, as well as a satin pillow cover, you may not be to concerned with the lack of oils in your hair. However, if you’re using shampoos and conditioners with sulfate and sleep on a cotton cover, your hair is stripped from its natural oils. With this method, you add all the oils that are stripped away back into your hair.

Next, the cream. Usually, the cream is to seal in the moisture in your hair. Also, the cream tend to me light weight, depending on how much you put in your hair. The cream also acts as a softener many times, depending on what is in the cream.

For those that do the LOCO method, they add the oil at the end to re-enforce the oils and make sure the oils are in the hair.

Many people say to add the three “ingredients” before you dry your hair. However, I do the opposite. I dry my hair before I add in the products, simply because I like adding my products when looking in the mirror and I don’t want to walk out the shower with my hair dripping wet.