Tips on how to get through Finals Week

Tips on how to get through Finals Week

The end of the semester is quickly approaching and we are finally in the week every college students dreads, Finals Week!

Now is when students take their classes serious and attempt to salvage their GPA. However, for those dedicated students, like myself we have nothing to worry about. As for those slackers, I’ve decided to give a few tips on how to get through finals week. I cannot assure you my tips will help you pass your class but I can guarantee you will get through this week.

First things first, attempt to study a few days before your exam. I am probably one of the biggest procrastinators on earth however no matter the situation I make sure my work is completed and handed in on time. In order to pass an exam, it is essential to have good study ethics. While I’m in class I usually write EVERYTHING down. You never know what a professor may throw in the exam therefore it’s best to write it all down.

This is also good if your professor doesn’t give review questions for your exam and if you do not have the required book for the class.

Personally, after my first semester at Mercy College, I realized I spent hundreds of dollars on books I didn’t even look at. I don’t get any financial aid therefore; my parents were spending all this money on resources my professors weren’t even using.

Therefore, from that semester on, I have not purchased a single book. I take good notes and depend on them and my study skills to help me pass. I have maintained a high GPA throughout my years as a college students therefore it is possible.

Once I have written down all my notes, the way I study for an exam is I write down everything my professor advised me would be on the test. This is how it sticks to me and the constant writing of the same thing will make it easier for you to remember.

Also, if I notice I am having trouble remembering a certain section I make an acronym to help me remember the term. For example, if I cannot seem to grasp the fact that in psychology the main types of sexual harassment are quid pro quo, hostile environment, and gender harassment I will make an acronym for the three terms. I would typically put GHQ next to the question. Therefore, the minute the question appears I would immediately think of “GHQ” and remember the terms.

This is extremely beneficial and helps me all the time. The way you choose to set up your acronym is all based on how well you know yourself and your ability to remember it.

Next tip, try and get a sufficient amount of rest and study before you go to sleep. As college students, sleep is not a factor in our lives especially more so during finals week.

Also, study right before you go to bed. It has been proven the best way to retain information the next morning. Don’t watch television or listen to music before you go to sleep, study hard!

It’s not news that sleep is tied to learning—even a 90-minute nap can significantly help boost your brain power —but if you want to cement new knowledge in your brain, recent sleep research demonstrates that a good night’s sleep shortly following your studies has a significant impact on your ability to retain information, according to LifeHacker.

Another great way to help you get through finals weeks is partnering up with someone to help you study. I advise you to go to someone you don’t normally hang out with. Therefore, your study sessions will be more structured and less disruptive.

If you choose to study with your friend that’s fine, as long as you are sure you guys will study and not talk about other things that do not concern your exam.

Also, please do not study with someone that is in the same boat as you. For example, if the entire semester you decided to relax and not take your studies serious, miss several days of class, and refuse to take notes do not and I repeat do not choose a partner that has done the same.

It will be like the blind leading the blind and a recipe for disaster. Therefore, study with someone that is going to encourage you and help you with your study skills as well as inform you of what you have missed the entire semester.

Once you have done of all this, you should be well equipped for your finals. Again, this may not be easy for someone that just decided to act like a dedicated college student. However, it should help you pass.

Also, if you pass your finals then you know what steps to take the next semester. May your grades and the lenience of your professors be ever in your favor.